Are you still looking for a low budget sustainable Christmas gift? Or would you like to surprise someone with a small present? Then a pair of cool, sustainable socks is thé ideal gift! Because let’s face it, we can all use an extra pair of socks, right? Are you looking for colourful, cheerful socks for your niece or a pair of warm, woollen socks for your grandpa? At COSH! we collected the best sustainable sock brands that keep both small and big feet nice and warm!

What exactly is a sustainable sock?

A sustainable sock is first and foremost a high-quality sock. Cheap fast fashion socks that are discoloured and out of shape after a few washes are anything but sustainable! Therefore, we recommend that you invest a little more in a a pair with good quality that you can enjoy for a longer time.

From a sustainability point of view, we at COSH! also prefer socks made from natural materials such as organic cotton. This cotton is grown without harmful pesticides, which is better for people and the environment. Do you want to read more about the advantages of organic cotton? Click here. Do you see the GOTS label? Then you know you're on the right track. This label guarantees organic cultivation and good working conditions for cotton farmers.

Are socks with polyester and polyamide sustainable?

Unfortunately, it is still difficult to make a sock from 100% natural materials that is comfortable to wear. Therefore most socks contain a proportion of polyamide or elastane, derived from crude oil. These materials are not natural and also not biodegradable, which makes it difficult to recycle socks. However, this percentage of synthetic material is necessary to ensure good elasticity and comfort of the sock. Also, elastane makes your socks last longer, which is more sustainable in the long run.

A synthetic material based on petroleum also means that microplastics are released during washing. Do you want to avoid this? Then we recommend using a GuppyFriend. This clever bag catches the small plastic particles and prevents them from ending up in our seas and oceans!

Good Wool Story

Good Wool Story's high-quality wool socks are made from 100% yak wool and will keep your feet nice and warm! The socks have a natural colour and are therefore not treated with chemical dyes. This makes the socks completely biodegradable. The brand buys the yak down directly from the local nomads in Mongolia, where the production also takes place. Founder of the brand Nomindari, works closely with a local NGO and 2% of the proceeds go to climate projects in Mongolia.

Shop the Good Wool Story socks in the cozy store in Ghent.


If you enjoy outdoor sports or hiking, you should definitely take a look at Vaude. You will find socks that withstand any activity thanks to their unique properties such as being odour inhibiting and insulating. Thanks to various knitted zones and padded reinforcements, they provide optimal comfort and work against blistering.

Shop at vaude!

Atelier Houthuys

If you want local socks then you've come to the right place! These eco socks featuring the skyline of Ghent (St Nicholas' Church, the Belfry and St Baaf's Cathedral) are a cool gift for true locals. The socks are made in Europe from recycled materials.

Shop at Houthuys!


Is your laundry basket full of lonely socks? Put an end to this problem thanks to Belgian sock brand Zokk'n. These colourful, woollen socks are not sold in pairs but as single socks and are perfect for mixing and matching! The socks consist of 85% mulesing free merino wool and are ethically produced in Portugal. The Zokk'n collection is not seasonal and always consists of the same 9 colours. Did you lose a sock? Then you can easily replace it with another one at Zokk’n!

Shop Zokk'n at MINIMAL in Antwerp, Garment in Amsterdam-East, Vertelles in Mechelen and at Supergoods in Ghent and Antwerp.


Trouble finding matching pairs of socks in the laundry basket? Qnoop has come up with a good solution for that! The Amsterdam-based label makes socks with a button on one sock and a loop on the other. Tie the socks together before you throw them in the laundry and save yourself time folding your socks! Qnoop socks are produced in Portugal with GOTS certified organic cotton and OEKO-TEX certified dye.

Shop the Qnoop socks at Supergoods Ghent, Antwerp and Mechelen, HOST in Berchem, Harvest Club.


Looking for sustainable Christmas socks with Christmas trees, snowflakes or penguins made from organic cotton? Then you will find it at the Australian brand Thought. Besides organic cotton socks, the brand also uses natural materials such as hemp and bamboo. For the polyester part, the brand uses recycled material with the Global Recycled Standard.

Shop Thought socks for kids at Doekjes en Broekjes in Leuven. Shop socks for women and cool Christmas gift boxes at Kiez in Antwerp, Kudzu in Bruges, Brandmission in Amsterdam, Rand in Mortsel, Sway Leuven and Het Faire Oosten in Amsterdam-East.


Looking for a colourful and warm Christmas gift? Discover the cheerful socks of the Dutch brand A-dam. The socks are made of 84% GOTS organic cotton and 15% econyl (synthetic yarn made of fishing nets). The socks have a button made from recycled polyester that prevents loss as well as a cute embroidered detail with playful illustrations. Production takes place in a SA8000 certified factory in Turkey.

Shop the A-Dam socks at Fonetik in Aalst, at Rand in Mortsel, at HOST in Antwerp Berchem, at Harvest Club in Leuven, at MOOSE in the CITY in Antwerp and at the different Brooklyn branches (Bruges, Waregem, Knokke, Oostende, Ghent, Roeselare and …, Eerlijk Waar in Amsterdam, Conscious café and shop in Amsterdam-West, Brandmission, Orybany in Brussel and Vega-life.


Are you looking for nice socks for men with fun patterns? Then Dedicated is the right brand for you! This brand makes socks with GOTS certified organic cotton.

Discover these great socks with bikes, Christmas trees, Super Mario clouds and much more at Supergoods in Ghent, Antwerp and Mechelen, at César Menswear in Mortsel, at Harvest Club in Leuven and at Freedom in Aalst. Fresh in Brugge, Up To Do Good in Amsterdam, Brandmission in Amsterdam, Tally-Ho in Amsterdam, Moose in the city in Antwerpen.

Swedish Stockings

Fans of festive glitter socks and panty hose will certainly find their thing at Swedish Stockings. This Swedish brand makes socks from recycled yarn. For the panties the brand uses recycled nylon and elastane. Swedish Stockings is making great efforts to close the loop as much as possible. That is why you can bring back broken panties and nylon stockings at Swedish Stockings. In their recycling centres these will be recycled into new products for the furniture and industrial sector.

Shop Swedish Stockings socks and panties at Supergoods Mechelen, Antwerp and Ghent, at Harvest Club in Leuven, at Kiez in Antwerp, Brandmission Amsterdam, thegreenlables in Amsterdam, Tally-Ho in Amsterdam, Het Faire Oosten in Amsterdam-Oost, Pek & Kleren in Amsterdam-Noord, VEGA-LIFE in Amsterdam.


The ultimate classic Christmas sock with a sustainable character can be found at Anders Getint and Doekjes en Broekjes in Leuven. Grödo makes socks from organic cotton and wool that will definitely give you a cosy Christmas feeling!


Good news, since Wolvis now sells socks! They are ultra soft and warm, thanks to the material merino wool. Wear them at home, on the couch and even in your walking boots. The socks are firm and comfortable.

Shop them at Wolvis.


Shop socks and tights from InControl at Juno. There are socks made of cotton, but there are also some made of Bamboo. In addition to InControl's collection, they also have two colors (offwhite and sand) of merino wool slippers from Petite Noé. These can be worn from 0-12 months and they are made in Portugal and finished by hand.

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