COSH!-selfcare cabinet

Today, we are, in addition to being a leader in sustainable fashion, also the "COSH! -Selfcare cabinet"!

At COSH! we love people, not only people who make our products but also you, as a consumer of sustainable goods. That is why we think it is important to reflect on what we (may) need to feel good.

From selfcare-tips to sustainable gift inspiration for valentine.
You can read it below.

Before you can pass on love you have to love yourself in the first place.

3 tips to take better care of yourself

1. You hear it often, but getting enough sleep is key for a fresh brain and a healthy body. As a growing start-up, we know it all too well, our job is never done, which results in late-night work. Yet we try, especially during weekdays, to go to bed at the same hour.

Because we have been able to experience the positive effect of this and perhaps also secretly as a memory aid for ourselves, we are happy to put this tip at number one.

It is not always feasible, but it is worth considering.

Do you have a regular bio-rhythm, but no feeling fresh when you get out of bed? Maybe it's time for a modified mattress! At GREENSLEEP they make beds and mattresses from 100% ecological materials and they are handmade in Belgium.

2. Do you often skip breakfast because you are in a hurry? Then you may feel drowsy and distracted faster. Try eating a bowl of oatmeal with a piece of fruit every morning. It takes 21 days to teach yourself a new habit.

After this little month your body will reward you. You will feel a lot healthier and more energetic.
Yes, an apple a day keeps the doctor away 🙃

3. Start using beauty products that are 100% natural, it is not only much better for your skin but also for our planet. Among the growing range of natural products, it can be difficult to find what you need. Let two experts in their field assist you, Iris Van Dessel from Druantia in Lier and Chloé Matthieu from Clothilde in Aalst are happy to help you make the right choice.


Are you ready for a new set of lingerie and do you want to go for sustainable and fair trade this time?

We would like to introduce the following brands:

1. The spicy collections of Lovjoi are mainly made from organic cotton and the brand does its best to work with recycled materials (as far as possible with lingerie). Eco and yet good support! Lovjoi!

2. Underprotection is a pioneer in lace made from recycled materials and very sexy! No doubt about it, you will feel completely feminine in this.

3. The beautiful sets of Ophelia Lingerie are a tribute to women. Hand-made in Belgium and in addition to the permanent collection, you can also make a tailored order.


1. Start your day with a good feeling in the super-soft eucalyptus underwear from Saint basics.
2. Organic Basics, the name says it: basic models with the perfect fit for both men and women.
Read all about their special anti-sweat protection layer here.
3. Urban Poetry is a new brand of lingerie for women of all sizes and ages. This brand is locally made in Amsterdam.


1. Underwear made with respect for nature? We're talking about: Sizable! Sizable works with organic cotton, natural eucalyptus fibers, and bamboo.

2. Save the ocean with the A-dam underpants!
A-dam not only makes underwear from organic cotton, but also of garbage that was left in the ocean.

3. Dedicated is modern and hip underwear, produced in a completely honest and ecological way.
This underwear is also provided with trendy prints, as you can see on the photo on the left.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Elke vrouw wordt graag verwend met een mooi juweel. Nico Taeymans ontwerpt juwelen in zilver en goud, maar houdt vooral van werken met organische materialen. Het is mogelijk om een juweel op maat te laten maken.

Een andere ontwerpster is Hanne Schoofs. Ze ontwerpt juwelen in haar eigen atelier in Antwerpen. Alles is dus 100% handmade.

Last but not least is Anna Rosa. Zij maakt een statement met haar minimalistische juwelen. Tijdloze juwelen met een prachtig design. Hun materiaal wordt in kleine hoeveelheden aangekocht in bedrijven in België en Griekenland.