Valentine's Day is just around the corner! At COSH! we are convinced that spoiling each other with love is much more important than buying each other gifts. But of course there is nothing wrong with surprising your partner with a sustainable gift every now and then!

Before you go shopping for a Valentine's Day gift, We’d like to give you one tip: if you're being kind to your loved one, you might as well be kind to the planet too! How? By choosing a local, eco and fair gift! Like a beautiful, timeless piece of jewellery for example. One that your girlfriend, fiancée or wife will cherish forever and will never want to take off.

Would you like to pamper your partner with a beautiful diamond ring or necklace, a minimalist bracelet or earrings with unique natural stones? Below we share six inspiring jewellery designers with you where you can score a beautiful, ethical piece of jewellery!


Anna Rosa Moschouti

Does your girlfriend like modern designs? Then she will probably fall in love with the beautiful jewellery by Anna Rosa Moschouti. At Anna Rosa you find small minimalistic jewels as well as bigger statement pieces in gold and silver, all made with sustainable materials like eco silver and fairmined gold. Anna Rosa believes in conscious consumption and gets her materials from small businesses in Belgium and Greece.

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Line Vanden Bogaerde creates refined and bold jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings, all from her own atelier in Ghent!

The timeless jewellery is made of fairmined white and yellow gold. So you can be sure that not only your loved one will be happy with the beautiful gift, but also the miners work in good conditions and receive a fair wage.

In the collections of Line you will find earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and cufflinks. If you like, you can also have an engagement or wedding ring made according to your wishes and the taste of your loved one! Extra personal! Line is ready to help you create the best design.


Or Service

At Or Service you will find handmade, minimalist jewellery with a sustainable character. Jewellery designer Lynn Geerinck is a renowned craftswoman and uses recycled and fairmined gold. In the permanent collection you will discover earrings, bracelets and rings. Are you looking for something more personal? Make an appointment at Or Service and have your engagement or wedding ring custom-made.


Nico Taeymans

Nico Taeymans is an experienced jewellery designer with great passion for his craft. All his jewels are handmade in his workshop in Antwerp. Nico is specialised in working with natural materials. His new collection is made with uncut gemstones and rough cut diamonds that give the jewels a unique and bold character.

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Nue Fine jewelry

Do you want your loved one to sparkle with a diamond piece of jewellery? Then we advise you to choose an ethical version. Mining diamonds has a big impact on the environment and moreover, people often work in poor conditions to mine the diamonds.

That is why the Belgian brand Nue makes fine jewellery with lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are made in a lab and are therefore ethical and eco-friendly. Important to know is that lab-grown diamonds are optically and chemically identical to mined diamonds! The only difference is in the origin, the impact and the traceability.

All Nue jewels are made with 18k recycled gold. The designs are timeless and thanks to the quality materials the jewels last for years. We bet that your Nue piece of jewellery will sparkle on her skin every day!

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Jewellery with a unique character


Lien Hereijgers' jewellery consists of circular shapes combined with clean lines, always in function of the material. All jewellery has a unique character and looks super pretty thanks to the beautiful colours! Beauty is in simplicity, that is motto of the Odell brand. All jewellery is designed by Lien Hereijgers herself. She then sets to work with her team to bring the designs to life in the workshop in Deurne. The composite jewellery is handmade, sanded and polished. This brand is available at Made By Hand Designershop in Antwerp.

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Want to know more about the environmental impact of gold, silver, and diamonds? Then be sure to read our ethical jewellery guide.

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