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100% committed

Clothing for young and old, man or woman, and that's sustainable too. This clothing brand has its heart in the right place and is dedicated to making the planet a better place.

What is Dedicated?

Modern and trendy outfits that are produced in a completely honest and ecological way. Dedicated has something for everyone. The clothing brand makes his customer, his employees and nature happy.

Dedicated to nature

The clothing brand is tired of polluting the planet. That's why it makes its clothing only from natural or recycled fibers. Most of its clothing like t-shirts and sweaters are made from natural fabrics such as FairTrade and GOTS-certified organic cotton and Tencel. In the production process of Fair Trade organic cotton, no pesticides and fertilizers are involved. Therefore, the brand is considered an Organic Label. COSH! is a fan of natural materials because they are biodegradable.

Recycled PET bottles are usually used for jackets and swimwear
from Dedicated. This recycled polyester material is also GRS certified, so you can be sure that your swimsuit is actually made from recycled material!

On top of that, Dedicated as a brand is also PETA Approved Vegan. They assure you that no animal substances or ingredients have been used in their clothing. Good news for animal lovers because that means no animals had to suffer or die for your clothing!

Dedicated to people

Because the brand is committed to helping people, it works together with three solid GOTS-certified fabrics and clothing producers in China and India. This means that, in addition to the farmers, the textile workers and sewers also work under good conditions and receive a fair wage. With that money, they can support their families and send the children to school.

And in addition to working with GOTS-certified fabrics, Dedicated also works with Fairtrade cotton. The Fairtrade standard protects the income, health and safety of cotton farmers and bans genetically modified cotton seeds. Fairtrade also invests in schools, infrastructure and other social improvements.

The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) which the recycled fabrics comply with has also set social requirements
. So when you buy a garment from Dedicated, you can be sure it has been produced under ethical working conditions.

There is also a kind of umbrella certificate that Dedicated has acquired. The SA8000® Standard encourages organizations to develop and implement socially acceptable practices in the workplace. The standard draws on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Dedicated's factories are also certified by WRAP, a non-profit organization that ensures and monitors ethical and safe production. This label, like the SA8000® Standard, bases its principles on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO).


On Dedicated's website, each supplier has an explanation of how the factory works, which certification standards it is accredited with, and when the factory was last visited. COSH is thrilled to see how transparent Dedicated is about its suppliers. Each garment shows where exactly it was made.


To make the hats, jackets and swimming shorts, they use recycled polyester. In the future, Dedicated wants to expand their circular range.


A 100% ecological clothing brand for every member of the family. Hell yeah!

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