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100% committed

Clothing for young and old, man or woman, and that's sustainable too. This clothing brand has its heart in the right place and is dedicated to making the planet a better place.

What is Dedicated?

Modern and trendy outfits that are produced in a completely honest and ecological way. Dedicated has something for everyone. The clothing brand makes his customer, his employees and nature happy.

Dedicated to nature

The clothing brand is tired of polluting the planet. That's why it only makes its clothes from FairTrade certified organic cotton or Tencel or other ecological materials, such as recycled PET bottles for its swimwear. The production process of Fair Trade organic cotton does not involve any pesticides or fertilizers. That is why the brand is considered to be a 100% Organic Label.

Dedicated to people

Because the brand is committed to helping people, it works together with 4 solid GOTS-certified fabrics and clothing producers in China and India. This means that, in addition to the farmers, the textile workers and sewers also work under good conditions and receive a fair wage.
With that money, they can support their families and send the children to school.


To make the hats, jackets and swimming shorts, they use recycled polyester. In the future, Dedicated wants to expand their circular range.


A 100% ecological clothing brand for every member of the family. Hell yeah!

Where to buy Dedicated?


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Dedicated COSH SS20 WOMEN Shirt Dorothea Monkey Trees
Dedicated COSH SS20 WOMEN T shirt Mysen Protect Our Oceans
DEDICATED COSH SS20 WOMEN Shirt Dorothea Collage Leaves
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