04 August 2023

The Organic Cotton Integrity Crisis

Organic cotton crisis cotton field blog COSH
Organic cotton crisis cotton harvest blog COSH
“We have a fragmented cotton traceability and certification system, data errors, no transparency, no data sharing, a refusal to take responsibility by some major players, and a blame game against certifiers, with lots of revenue and prestige at stake.” EcoTextile
Organic cotton crisis cotton roll blog COSH
“Despite repeated claims by the leading corporations and their initiatives that organic cotton is ‘more sustainable’, there is, in fact, not a single robust, independent study anywhere that shows that organic farmers end up better off than their conventional neighbours. Indeed, the few studies that do exist show the opposite. The Great Green Washing Machine Report Part 1
"The shift to organic cotton would not have come full circle without the push from the consumer segment. Though a niche group of environmentally conscious consumers prefer sustainable cotton, the trickle-down effect has begun." SourceTrace
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