30 April 2024

Discover these Dutch entrepreneurs at COSH!’s first ever international pop-up in Berlin

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"At Okimono, we think it is important that more attention is paid to sustainable clothing. In COSH! we find an initiative that connects more sustainable brands appropriately. The fact that COSH! goes much further than just describing brands is a big plus for Okimono. For example, the fact that we can temporarily return to Berlin under the wings of COSH! is incredibly cool. It gives a positive impulse to our brand." Gerrit Weeren, founder of Okimono
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"Thanks to COSH! el.résidu is becoming more visible online and clients can see that el.residu is screened on how sustainable we are. Besides that, the platform has been of great value to us because it allows us to participate in events like the pop-up in Berlin. That would not have been possible on my own." Ella Brouwer, founder of el.résidu.


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