30 April 2024

Discover these Spanish and Catalan entrepreneurs at COSH!’s first ever international pop-up in Berlin

20240430 Press Header Pop Up Spain 2 TWOTHIRDS
We can’t wait to meet our huge community of ocean lovers in Berlin, who for so long have been asking for us to come to their city. This collaboration with COSH! and Peek & Cloppenburg comes at a perfect time, as we look to bring our unique brand of premium sustainable fashion to stores all over Germany. Lutz Schwenke, CEO & Founder of TWOTHIRDS
"By joining the COSH! network and participating in this event, I am confident that we can do our bit to promote a positive change in the fashion industry. The opportunity to showcase our products alongside other brands committed to conscious fashion in such an iconic location as Berlin is simply amazing. Not only does it give us the chance to present GalloBuey's creations to an international audience, but it also allows us to connect with people who share the same values and principles." Francisco Luque Ariza, founder of Gallobuey
"We joined the COSH! network because we value the opportunity to be part of a community committed to sustainable business. We want to have a voice in a space where responsible consumption and environmental protection are promoted. This opportunity to travel to Berlin with COSH! is really exciting for us at KUMI Sneakers. As a brand dedicated to sustainable fashion, it is often difficult to stand out among more established brands in the market. This experience gives us the unique opportunity to showcase our products in a major store for two months, which allows us to broaden our visibility and reach an audience committed to sustainability. In addition, the idea of participating in unexpected surprises organised by the COSH! network fills us with enthusiasm. The organisation of a pop-up store in Berlin is an opportunity that we did not expect and has filled us with joy. We are looking forward to participating in the opening and making the most of this experience." Alexandra Pardo, co-founder of KUMI Sneakers


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