Are you looking to do some shopping in cozy Mechelen soon? Then visit these 6 hotspots in Mechelen with fair and sustainable fashion. From locally made bags to the finest sustainable brands gathered under one roof, COSH! makes sustainable shopping easy for you. Create a sustainable shopping route with COSH! online and add these fun stores. This way you are guaranteed a successful shopping trip to Mechelen!

Discover the finest sustainable fashion brands under one roof

1. Supergoods

Looking for a store that only sells 100% sustainable brands? Then you'll feel right at home at Supergoods Mechelen! This store is run by Tonny van Bavel and Anne Hidden and is located in the cosy shopping street Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat. The fashion brands are selected with care and have to meet a number of conditions: for example, the collection must consist of organic and recycled materials, and the production process and working conditions must be certified or manufactured in Europe. Supergoods Mechelen was the first store of a chain of 3 organic stores in Flanders. You will find fashion in both soft or colorful tones as well as care products. Tonny and Anne are happy to give you professional advice and this makes Supergoods definitely worth a visit!

Slow Fashion

2. Pure

If you are looking for a slow fashion piece of clothing from Belgian soil, you will find it at Pure in Mechelen. Owner An Walraevens is happy to help you in your search for beautiful, qualitative, and timeless garments. Here you will find Belgian brands such as the circular jeans brand HNST (which you can also find in this list), luxurious kimonos by King Comf and the timeless bag brand Lies Mertens. In addition, you'll find the Swedish label Filippa K, since An values the longevity of clothing.

Explore Belgian Design

3. Award/t

In the heart of Mechelen, you will find a true paradise for handbags and hats from Belgium: Award/t. Award/t was started by the mother and daughter duo Wies and Els and they make their hats and handbags themselves in their workshop in Mechelen. In the store, you will find a diverse collection from bold designs to casual bags. Each piece has a story and its own character. Visit Award/t on Adegemstraat and discover the best handmade accessories in Mechelen!

Find second-hand treasures

4. Cirkels boetiek

The heart of Mechelen is also home to the second-hand store De Cirkels boetiek. Here the circular economy and social employment are at the forefront. Is this also what you stand for? Then jump in and discover how second-hand clothes, but also other products such as toys, books, accessories, or furniture, get a second life here. Bring your own worn garments or go looking for lost treasures yourself.

Circular design

5. Spruce goose

A handcrafted wooden cutting board made from second hand furniture? Sounds cool right?! Spruce Goose is a Belgian, circular brand that makes beautiful, wooden creations from second-hand materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. In addition, founder Jens Michiels makes all items by hand in his workshop in Mechelen. Are you looking for a personalized gift? Discover beautiful cutting and breadboards and designer flower pots at Spruce Goose in Mechelen!

Sustainable jeans


Looking for sustainable jeans? The jeans brand HNST gives old, broken, or forgotten jeans a second life and turns them into the most sustainable and fair new jeans. Fun fact: the headquarters of HNST are located in Mechelen, and the brand itself can be found at Supergoods Mechelen and Pure!

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