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HNST (pronounce Honest) stands for radically different denim that does not only make your ass look fabulous but that is also designed and made according to circular economy principles.

Old jeans is urban farmed in close coöperation with a local chain of 2nd hand retailers. Jeans which are in good conditions to sell, will be sold through the thrift retailer, other jeans are shredded back into fibres to be used in new HNST jeans.

Belgian spinner ESG Spinning Group near Kortrijk, cocreated a yarn for the newest radical new denim line consisting of 56% urban recycyled cotton, 20% tencel and 24% native cotton. The entire production process from fibre to jeans takes place in the EU. Pure Denim weaves the textile in Inverno Italy, where it is treated with the innovative SmartIndigoTM technology giving it that lush jeans color without the nasty chemicals, or harmful substances leaking into waste waster.
Dye fixation is done in non harmful natural manner. The natural Chitosan fixation technique perfectly replaces the PVA options used in other denim and as such prevents microplastics leakage when washing.

HNST is one of the sole brands who have conducted thorough LCA (life cycle assesment studies) prior to starting the brand. Combine this with extensive transparency listing all their suppliers accross their social media and website and you'll know why we support our Belgian brand HNST!


HNST unisex salopette of jumpsuit in jeans denim look
HNST jeans zonder chemicalien voor heren RAKE COSH
HNST sustainable Jeans brand produced in Italy from Belgian recycled cotton COSH
HNST duurzame bijna skinny jeans
HNST duurzame jeans waar te koop vind het op COSH
HNST radically different jeans designed in Belgium from upcycled cotton COSH

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