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HNST Jeans

Take your old jeans off the attic and hand them in at HNST Jeans. Because, come on, you don't wear those pants with too wide (and short) pipes anymore. But what HNST Jeans does with them, that's cool. The brand uses the fibres of old jeans to make fashionable new jeans for men and women.

Who/What is HNST?
Tom Duhoux wanted to produce a radically different pair of jeans. He's dream: green, circular and big. HNST Jeans is only the starting point of a modern evolution.


Every year, during the last two weeks of September, HNST collects old jeans. The brand does this together with Belgian thrift stores. Jeans that are still in good condition are sold in the shops, HNST gets the jeans that are broken or completely worn.

HNST shreds the jeans into small fibres, mixes them with Tencel® and uses them to make new yarn in collaboration with the European Spinning Group (near Courtrai in Belgium). At the moment the ratio is 56% old jeans, 21% Tencel® yarn and 23% organic cotton. The brand strives to increase the percentage of recycled jeans.

The yarn is dyed blue in Italy, with SmartIndigoTM. By choosing this method, no harmful substances are used. By using the natural substance chitosan, the blue dye fixates on the trousers, i.e. no microplastics, at HNST.

The other components of the jeans were also carefully considered. For example, the label on the trousers is made of FSC-certified paper and the buttons are removable and reusable.

A nice place to work?

HNST jeans are produced in Portugal. Close to home. This means that HNST can guarantee that its trousers are made in the best possible conditions and that transport costs remain low.

HNST is also very transparent about its production process and working conditions. The brand talks about this in detail on its website.

So, is HNST a circular brand?

HNST's trousers are made of recycled old jeans. The design is also completely developed from the idea that the trousers should be recyclable.

No extra labels, no rivets and no separate tag with washing instructions. The whole pair of trousers can therefore be reprocessed into raw material for a new pair of jeans.

In short

HNST is honest: the brand's jeans are eco, ethical and sustainable.

Where to buy HNST jeans?