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Quality on your shoulder

Stylish, abstract and durable: these are the handbags of Lies Mertens.
Designed in Belgium and produced in Portugal. Lies Mertens is the go-to brand for the minimalist but fashionable woman.

Nice to meet you, Lies Mertens

At the head of this Belgian handbag brand is the eponymous Lies Mertens.
She founded her label in 2017 and is now a real success.
COSH! knows why! Honestly, who is not a fan of quality, functionality and sustainability?

The handbags of Lies Mertens are very functional. This is because the brand adds different compartments to the designs. So you can put almost everything in your bag, even your husband's wallet.

Lies Mertens works with three different types of leather: matt, grain and print leather. In the latter case, the texture of the handbag was created with a 3D printer.
With print leather you can imitate different kinds of leather, such as croco.

Bio dreams

As a material, Lies Mertens uses organic calf, Italian and exclusive leather.
Bio means that the leather has not been treated with hazardous chemicals. In addition, the leather is also tanned with 100% biodegradable products. In this way, no bad substances end up in the environment during the production process. The organic leather comes from cows that are reared for the local Portuguese meat industry.

Lies Mertens is also committed to the environment by investing in projects for the preservation of our planet. And last but not least, the packaging of the products is fully recycled.

Made in Portugal

The production of Lies Mertens takes place in a small company in Portugal. The brand prefers to work with these types of companies, because it can keep communication and relationships optimal. Within this company, the employees enjoy a fair wage and good working conditions as it is subject to the European Labour Law.


You'd rather have a leather handbag, wouldn't you? Then be sure to go for the most environmentally friendly option and choose Lies Mertens. Find out below where you can get the brand!

Where to buy Lies mertens?


Lies Mertens zwarte lederen handtas
Lies Mertens Rugtas in groen leder
Lies Mertens rugtas in duurzaam leder
Lies Mertens groene duurzame laptop tas
Lies Mertens prefecte minimalistische handtas
Lies Mertens overview pic
Lies Mertens lederen rugzak uit duurzame leder in West europa gemaakt