Conditions of sale for the COSH! Conscious Shopping Gift Card are those of Unigift BV, operator and publisher of gift vouchers through their platform TadaBon (buying gift vouchers online), various city vouchers (including ‘Cadeaubon Gent’, ‘Cadeaubon Brugge’, ‘Cadeaubon Antwerpen’), the Code Kassa app and website for merchants, and more. These conditions of sale apply to all gift card transactions under one of the Unigift-operated brands/systems/websites, and only those.

The gift vouchers are valid only until the date printed on the gift voucher, generally 1 year after purchase. Conscious Shopping Gift Cards are only valid with the retailers currently listed here ( and marked with the logo: ‘COSH! GiftCard'.

A gift card cannot be exchanged for cash, only for products and services. When using the gift card to purchase products or services worth less than the total value of the gift card (eg. product worth 30€ with a 50€ gift card), the difference cannot be refunded in cash.

Unigift is not responsible for the goods or services bought with the purchased gift card.

Unigift is not responsible in the case of a customer entering an incorrect email address for the beneficiary. In addition, Unigift does not bear any responsibility if the gift card falls into the hands of a third party, accidentally or otherwise, after it has been sent.

Unigift is not responsible for problems linked to the execution of the payment by the customer. Unigift relies on the professional services of Stripe to ensure the safety of online payments.

In case of disputes only the court of Ghent has jurisdiction.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any further questions.