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Looking for a new casual outfit that's circular and ethically produced? Then New Optimist might be the brand for you! New Optimist was founded by Xander and Nelleke, both with years of experience in the fashion industry and who now want to use fashion precisely to help people.

New Optimist wants to set the tone to change the fashion industry, so they make clothes in small batches, in their own studio in Amsterdam. Here you can meet the creators who will create your new bold, and cheerful daily look! One that is resistant to the future!

Ethical and short supply chain

At New Optimist, the social aspect comes first. Therefore, the studio in Amsterdam offers positions at different levels, partly for people who are far removed from the labor market and/or with a migrant background. Through their partnership with Match and Work and an on-site coach, they are committed to guiding people to professional positions in the labor market.
Recycled and organic cotton fibers are used to make the clothes imported from China, where they are also woven by a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)- and ILO (International Labour Standards)-certified producer. Then they are shipped to the Netherlands to sew clothing from the fabrics. This way we can be sure that the steps in the making process of New Optimist are ethical.


New Optimist uses 100% cotton for all its clothing, which is a natural mono-material. This makes it recyclable and biodegradable! Moreover, the cotton consists of a mixture of recycled cotton and organic cotton. That organic cotton is GOTS-certified and is therefore free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. Want to know more about the benefits of organic cotton? Then read our blog post about the material here.

The tags are made from their own cutoffs that are screen printed on in another Dutch social workshop. To complete the circularity, the stitching is also made of cotton yarn. A good thing because these are normally made of synthetic polyester!

Animal Welfare

New Optimist's clothing is free of animal substances; the entire brand is PETA-approved vegan. All of the brand's fabrics are natural and plant-based.

Circular Economy

New Optimist designs in function of circularity. To this end, they have established three circular design principles: make products that do not create waste or pollution, make durable garments that last, use recycled materials, and make sure the products can be recycled again.

Because New Optimist works exclusively with natural materials, the clothing is also biodegradable and no microplastics are released into the environment when it is washed or when it ends up in the landfill.

In short: New Optimist is working in a circular way and is constantly developing in this area!

Slow Fashion

New Optimist works with timeless yet unique designs, think sweaters with a different placement of seams than you're used to or color patches. New styles are released every two weeks and the pieces are always made in small quantities to prevent overproduction and overstock.

Also, the clothing is fairly gender neutral, there is a women's, men's and unisex collection, so there is something for everyone!

Everything is made of high quality to last, so be sure to follow their tips to achieve "longevity"! In addition, they offer free repairs if, for example, your New Optimist garment has developed a hole


New Optimist and transparency go hand in hand. They want to involve the customer in the making process of the clothes to show where their clothes come from and what the true cost of this is. In the future, New Optimist wants to become even more transparent! Their goal is to offer consumers full traceability per garment. A great goal! Currently, for each garment, it says who stitched it in the Amsterdam atelier.

On top of that, New Optimist involves you in the making process, helping you learn about the craftsmanship behind your garment and why it has a certain price. As a result, you will develop a close relationship with your garment and cherish it more. Wear New Optimist and spread the word and optimism!

Looking for clothing that meets circular standards? Then you've come to the right place at New Optimist. Shop here for clothes with a story, made in Amsterdam.

Op zoek naar kleding die voldoet aan de circulaire principes? Dan ben je bij New Optimist aan het juiste adres. Shop hier kleding met een verhaal, gemaakt in Amsterdam.

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