COSH believes that fair wages and responsible working conditions are extremely important. Unfortunately, this is often not the case in the fashion industry. But luckily, there are also many brands that are doing well and choose for a fair production. In celebration of Week of the Fair Trade, we would like to inspire you with sustainable fashion brands that produce their garments according to fair trade principles.

Fair trade vs. Fairtrade

But first... Fairtrade is a commonly used term, but do you exactly know what it means? The term can have two different meanings:

* Fair trade means fairly traded, which means that no one is exploited physically, mentally nor economically throughout the production chain.

* Fairtrade is used to refer to a product that is certified with the Fairtrade label (formerly Max Havelaar). Read more about the Fairtrade label on the website of Fairtrade Belgium.


The clothing brand Dedicated offers a wide range of products for men and women of all ages. Next to that, they also take their impact on the planet throughout the entire production chain into account. The brand likes to be inspired by the beautiful nature. This is something that can be seen by the colourful designs. The collections are produced in a completely fair and ecological way. For their garments, they exclusively use Fairtrade-certified organic cotton or other ecological materials such as Tencel.

During the production process of the Fair Trade organic cotton, no pesticides or fertilizers are used. In addition, they work together with 4 established GOTS-certified fabric and clothing producers in China and India. This means that the farmers, textile workers and stitchers involved in the production of Dedicated's collections work in responsible conditions and receive fair wages.

Discover Dedicated at

Supergoods in Mechelen, Ghent and Antwerp, MOOSE in the CITY in Antwerp, HOST-House of Sweet Things in Antwerp Berchem, Cesar Menswear in Mortsel, Harvest Club in Leuven, Freedom in Aalst, Fresh in Brugge, Up To Do Good, BrandMission and Tally-Ho in Amsterdam.

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SKFK, the Basque brand, should not be missing from this list of Fairtrade brands. SKFK is a brand that stands for change in consumption and production. You might recgonise the letters from their previous name, Skunfunk. A few years ago, they decided to change course and changed their name together with their whole way of working.

The organic cotton of SKFK is Fairtrade and GOTS certified. So, the cotton farmers work in good circumstances and get a fair wage.

Discover the brand at

Tenue Préférée in Leuven, Supergoods in Mechelen, Ghent, and Antwerp, Brooklyn in Bruges, Ghent, Kortrijk, Waregem, Roeselare, Ostend and Knokke, Moose in the City in Antwerp, HOST - House of Sweet Things in Antwerp Berchem and BrandMission in Amsterdam

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LN Knits

Wooly and fair trade business in Belgium with LN Knits. This brand was founded by Ellen Kegels and has grown into a luxurious and sustainable knitting brand. LN Knits sells jumpers, trousers, skirts, cardigans, jackets and winter accessories made from baby alpaca wool. The garments are produced in Peru in cooperation with the Belgian NGO Solid Crafts. This organisation is committed to employing disadvantaged Peruvian women and supports social projects, such as teenage mothers, victims of abuse, etc. with their profit. If that isn’t a good initiative!

Get warm during the cold autumn months with a jumper or scarf from LN Knits. Curious where you can find them? At Duka Moodstore in Bruges!

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Looking for Fairtrade t-shirts or hoodies for your company or non-profit organisation? Neutral is everything you need! Throughout the entire supply chain, Neutral takes into account the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production.

Neutral chooses durable materials. The T-shirts, jumpers and polo shirts are made of 100% Fairtrade and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Even the buttons on the polo shirts are made of the same organic cotton.

In their assortment you will find clothes for men, women and children as well as cotton shoppers.

Order personalised Neutral clothing at

ACP in Bornem, Atelier Houthuys in Ghent, AB Textiles in Izegem and Twee Jongens in Amsterdam

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People Tree

Of course, the pioneering brand People Tree cannot be missing from our list. This English sustainable clothing brand was founded in 1991 and is still as strong on the market today as back then. People Tree produces hip, ethical and ecological clothing for women! Five years after its launch, the label became an active member of the World Fair Trade Organisation, and twenty years later it still is. The production of their clothing takes place in low-wage countries, but People Tree makes sure that the workers are paid the minimum wage. The brand also supports the local production and thus contributes to the socio-economic development of these countries. Discover below the COSH! points of sale of People Tree.

Here you can shop People Tree:

Supergoods Mechelen, Ghent and Antwerp, HOST in Antwerp Berchem, Harvest Club in Leuven and WhatTheF, Thegreenlabels, BrandMission and Het Faire Oosten in Amsterdam.

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German clothing brand Melawear creates affordable and comfortable clothing and backpacks from 100% Fairtrade and GOTS certified cotton. With their brand, they strengthen local communities in India. Mela means 'acting together' in Hindi. It will not get more beautiful than this.

Shop Melawear at Anders Getint in Leuven.

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Are you next to fair trade fashion also looking for fair trade bed or bath linen? At Kalani you will find, among other things, towels and duvet covers made of 100% Fairtrade organic cotton.

The brand buys their cotton directly from the farmer and opts to pay them 13.5% more than the average selling price. This ensures that the farmers receive a fair price for their cotton.

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