The 10th of May, we're honoring all the mothers. A bouquet of flowers is nice, but secretly every mother also wants a gift she can enjoy for a long time. It's even more fun when you can surprise her with an original and durable Mother's Day gift. Meet some great brands and shops that give your mother a Mother's Day to remember. Shop now sustainable and local online!

Trendy & cosy are the Layer Cushions from Mutoo

Moose in the city is a cool store in Antwerp. From the moment you walk in, you have a scandinavian vibe. Do you want to bring Scandinavia to your living room? Give your mom Layer Cushions from Mutoo.. The cushions in natural materials are soft and available in trendy colours, which perfectly match any interior.

Natural Skincare to keep your skin in shape

Mothers always give good advice. The owners of Clothilde asked their own mothers: What is the perfect gift? The mature ladies selected 6 products from fair and natural brands. From skin oil to eye serum, your skin will glow after using these products. Would you like to give a gift set? Then you will certainly find something on the webshop of Clothilde. They have a wide range of gift sets.

At Druantia in Lier you are at the right address for natural cosmetics. It's healthier and better for the planet. Your mothers skin will thank you for it.

Say no way to a bad hair day

Does your mom get a haircut after the lockdown?

Mothers want to take care of and colour their hair with the best hair products. Why don't you give a voucher for a visit to an organic hairdresser after the lockdown? After a visit to Hoofdzaak Nana, your mother doesn't want anything else. If you prefer to give a real present then you can give natural and organic hair products. This way you can bring the organic hairdresser to your home.

Fight for less plastic in the sea with Dopper

Dopper sells drinking bottles in different sizes and colors, but one thing they have in common, they help for less plastic in the sea. Each drinking bottle has a drinking cup as a cap, there are Doppers in metal and glass. You can also buy a drinking bottle that keeps hot drinks at the right temperature. Ideal for mothers who like to drink a coffee or tea on the go.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Every woman likes to be pampered with a beautiful jewel. Nico Taeymans designs jewellery in silver and gold, but loves working with organic materials. It is possible to have a jewel made to measure.

Another designer is Hanne Schoofs. She designs jewellery in her own studio in Antwerp. So everything is 100% handmade.

Last but not least is Anna Rosa Moschouti. She makes a statement with her minimalist jewellery made out of circular materials. Timeless jewelry with a beautiful design. The ear and neck jewels are made in small quantities in companies in Belgium and Greece.

Reading pleasure guaranteed

Is your mother a bookworm? Then buy books that will inspire and motivate her to create a sustainable wardrobe. To help you choose the right book, we've already made a list of books on this blog.


Would you like to give your mommy a cool handbag? Then you've come to the right place at Freitag. They use water-repellent materials such as truck tarpaulins, discarded bicycle inner tubes and seatbelts. In short, a functional and unique bag. For sale at Freedom Aalst.

An organic flower?

You can surprise mother and order a wild flower bouquet online and have it delivered. Buy your organic flowers at the following florists. At Bloom in Ichtegem you can buy a complete Mother day's package with everything you need.

At Blommm in Gent you can buy field bouquets on their webshop. Beautiful bouquets composed with great care. It is also possible to order a gift voucher so your mummy can choose a bouquet herself.

Last but not least is Wild in Essen. Multiple gift options insured because they offer a wide range of services. Your mother can pick her own flowers with a subscription. You can also have a bouquet delivered to your home or give a monthly subscription flowers as a gift.

Say it with a card

If you would like to add a card to your gift, take a look at the Fonetik website. Super nice cards with funny quotes.

A cake or cosy brunch for your own family?

Vegan brunch boxes

As a single mom I especially want to be pampered with a delicious breakfast to enjoy mother-daughter time. These entrepreneurs deliver breakfast boxes at home during Corona in their city or you can pick them up: Blackbird in Brugge, Peas in Hasselt, Life bar in Leuven, Philimonius in Aalst, Madame Bakster in Gent. Madame Bakster also delivers boxes at home all over Flanders! Order soon because Bpost has some delay.

Always the right gift

There are gifts that fit in every situation for your loved ones, Christmas has been over for a while, but you want to get these year-end gifts every day.

Now you know what you can buy for your mom. Choose a present and make your mommy happy on Mother's Day. She will be happily surprised with these durable gifts.