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Imagine if you had a multifunctional, circular, sustainable and fair backpack in which you could literally put everything. Good news, thanks to pinqponq, the perfect backpack is available. And the brand does that in a very sustainable way.


Founded in Cologne in 2014, pinqponq wanted to be the most innovative brand with a sustainable mindset. pinqponq backpacks can be carried in different ways, have multiple compartments and are convenient to open. You can stow away your laptop, but also your Zero Waste drinking bottle, your cables, shoes, pens, sunglasses, you name it, pinqponq has foreseen a compartment for it. Ideal for commuting and cycling. No more cramming, no more wasting time when trying to organize your backpack. The functional Pinqonq bags are also wonderfully timeless minimalistic and come in colours to fit any personality, any season.


So what's the backpack made of? On Average 61 PET bottles! The brand collects them close to their production site in Taiwan and has them recycled and processed into yarn. pinqponq backpacks are also PFC-free. PFC is a treatment to make a substance water resistant, but it is not biodegradable. Therefore, the brand uses a different treatment that has much less impact on the environment.

pinqponq goes further in eliminating harmful chemicals and is also a Bluesign approved. The Bluesign system focuses on the welfare impact of raw materials, dyes and chemicals on people and the environment. The system offers a safer and more sustainable environment for people to work in and for everyone to live in. Driven by a holistic approach, it follows the path of every textile in the production process and makes improvements at every stage of the production process from the shop floor to the final product. Here they base themselves on five principles that partners must comply with. These include: an ecological and ethical way of obtaining raw materials, customer safety, water consumption, air pollution and ethical working conditions.

This brand is also ideal for vegans as it is PETA-approved. This means that no animal products are used in the production of the bags.

Most Responsible Products: Klak, Kalm and Brik Conscious Khaki

In July 2020, PinqPonq will also launch backpacks made from recycled PET bottles with GOTS-certified organic cotton contrasts. This is pinqponq’s „MRP“ collection. The padding foam for this line consists of 20% algae.
Why algae? It provides vital nutrient management for the ecosystem, it has natural thermoplastic properties, it insulates CO2 and it does not require fossil fuels, farmland or the use of precious water during plant growth. Algae bloom is a major problem for communities around the world when ecosystems become unbalanced. It is caused by factors such as climate change and water pollution from agriculture, industry, and society. By harvesting the algae and separating them from the clean water, the water regains oxygen and life in the water can continue as usual. The algae are then pressed into small pellets by means of a compression system and used to make the padding foam. For this purpose pinqponq works together with BLOOM. It has between 20 to 40% less impact on the environment, compared to ethylene vinyl acetate. A lot more sustainable!

We encourage every percentage of algae used. It is a fiber with a lot of potential.

The brand is also CO2 neutral, as it also offsets some emissions.


Of course, pinqponq is just as ethical, it is also a Fair Wear Foundation member. In 2018 the brand achieved the Leader status from FWF. This means that the brand meets the highest standards of the organisation in terms of fair working conditions.

Their suppliers must adhere to their strict code of conduct

1 Employment is freely chosen

2 There is no discrimination in employment 3 No exploitation of child labour

4 Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

5 Payment of a living wage

6 Reasonable hours of work

7 Safe and healthy working conditions

8 A legally binding employment relationship


pinqponq is circular through designing for extended use and manufacturer's liability.

When you purchase their eco-conscious backpacks, you get a two years warranty plus one extra year upon bag registration. At the Berlin sustainable fashion fair Neonyt we had nice conversations about making the bags more mono-material and not just focusing on as much recycled content as possible. pinqponq also gets 100% transparency because the brand shared all suppliers with COSH!


Op zoek naar een comfortabele en multifunctionele rugzak? pinqponq is the way to go. Kijk hieronder waar je dit duurzame tassenmerk kan vinden.

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