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Creative duo

Starting as a brand that only sold graphic T-shirts, the French Olow grew into a clothing brand for men and women. The duo behind the label is the two best friends Mathieu and Valentin. As two communication students, they already enjoyed working on creative projects, which led to the creation of their brand in 2006. Since then, Olow has evolved enormously, but the ecological aspect has always existed.

Environmentally conscious

A T-shirt with an original drawing, a nice shirt or a cool jacket: Olow has it all. Yeah, but you said ecological? Indeed, the materials used by the brand are organic cotton, wool, and linen. The wool is spun in Italy and the cotton and linen are produced in France. There is ordinary cotton in the collections, but they want to replace it with organic cotton in the future. What they also have in mind is a recycling plan for their own clothing and the use of biodegradable packaging.

Fair trade

The clothing is produced in Braga, Portugal. Portugal is known for its sustainable legislation and is, therefore, an ideal production location for brands such as Olow. The founders visit the companies several times a year in order to maintain good relations. Since Portugal falls under European legislation, there are good working conditions and a fair wage.

Would you rather draw attention with an original drawing on your back than with bright trousers? Then Olow is definitely for you! Look below where you can find this clothing brand.

Where to buy Olow?


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