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Atelier Houthuys is an embroidery studio based in Ghent. Their goal is to improve the bond between people and their clothing through unique and personalized embroidery. Houthuys combines originality and professionalism to create a unique product tailored to your needs.


Houthuys designs and makes all embroideries in their own workshop in Ghent. Some unique garments in the collection are designed and made by local designer. So you can rest assured that your purchase was ethically made!

Houthuys uses basic sweaters and T-shirts from the brand Neutral to personalize with a unique embroidery. You can read all about this sustainable and ethical brand here.


Houthuys aims to extend the life of clothing by personalising it. People take better care of their clothes and wear them longer when they have a personal bond with them. Houthuys wants to strengthen this bond by applying unique and personal embroidery to clothes.

Embroidery is more sustainable than screen printing. Prints require a lot of chemicals, and a print does not last as long as an embroidery. To ensure that embroideries retain their quality and appearance for a long time, Houthuys chooses high-quality threads made of recycled polyester. This material is also certified by OEKO-Tex to guarantee that no chemicals are present.

Besides personalising your clothes, Houthuys also embroiders designs on basics. The T-shirts and sweaters are made by Neutral and are made ofGOTS-certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard).


Houthuys embroiders mainly clothes made of 100% organic cotton. This is very circular as the clothes can be easily recycled after use and are even biodegradable.

This is however only the case if no chemicals or other materials are used in the garment. The clothes are not entirely circular because Houthuys uses polyester thread for the embroidery, but polyester is the most durable material. The brand improves their circularity by choosing recycled polyester as embroidery thread.

Short chain

Houthuys creates all the embroidery itself in their workshop in Ghent. It is not clear where the clothes are produced, so COSH! cannot estimate the entire supply chain.


Houthuys does not use animal materials in its collection.

The brand also makes patches, of which it is uncertain whether they are also 100% vegan. Animal materials are often used in the production process of patches, in the glue or backing material.

Slow fashion & Longevity

Houthuys' vision is to restore the bond between people and their clothing. When people have a bond with their clothes they take better care of them, this prolongs the life of the clothes. Therefore, Houthuys personalises your clothes with unique and personal embroideries. Thus, your wardrobe becomes a collection of unique pieces of art, away from fast fashion culture.


Houthuys scores well on transparency. The brand provides information about the workshop and the materials they embroider with. Houthuys even disclosed the producer of the sewing thread to COSH!

Do you want to personalise your own wardrobe? Or are you looking for a unique (promotional) gift? Then be sure to discover Houthuys! The map below shows where you can shop the brand:


Houthuys 2022 tiger patches
Houthuys 2022 personalised backpack
Houthuys 2022 eco socks
Houthuys 2022 embroiderd shirt
Houthuys 2022 blue noir sweaters