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Looking for sustainable t-shirts, hoodies or face masks for your company or non-profit organization? With Neutral you can be sure that you are on the right track. Throughout the supply chain, Neutral takes into account the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production. The Danish brand Neutral is market leader in the field of sustainable clothing and accessories for the B2B market. You can get their fairtrade organic cotton basics printed at various printing companies (listed at the bottom of this page).


All production of Neutral products takes place in India, under good working conditions. Neutral's factories are SA8000 certified. This guarantees good health and safety for the employees and excludes child labour, discrimination and disciplinary practices. In addition, the factories use renewable energy during production.


Neutral chooses sustainable materials. The T-shirts, sweaters, polos and face masks are made of 100% Fairtrade and GOTS-certified organic cotton. Even the buttons on the polo shirts are made of the same organic cotton. Because the garments are made entirely of one type of fibre, they are also easy to recycle!

Thanks to certificates Neutral guarantees that they meet all sustainable and ethical standards. The GOTS certificate guarantees that the cotton is organic and dyed in an environmentally friendly way. During the production of the cotton only biological pesticides are used, which is much better for the health of the farmers. Thanks to the Fairtrade label, Neutral can also guarantee that the farmers received a fair price for their cotton.

For its sportswear, the brand uses 100% recycled polyester. The polyester is made from post-consumer PET bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills in India. Thanks to the recycling of the polyester, Neutral is reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy.


The brand is very transparent about the entire supply chain. On the website you can find all the information about the certificates with the correct license numbers. However, the names of the suppliers are not mentioned and can only be requested with the brand itself or the certifying authorities.

Does Neutral's mission statement match your company or organization? Then don't hesitate any longer and discover their wide range of clothing and accessories. Looking for personalised clothes? At ACP in Bornem, you can order Neutral garments and have them printed with your own design in an environment-friendly way, in small or large numbers.

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