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Sustainable printed clothing

ACP is an eco-friendly textile printing company that personalises clothing for yourself, your clothing brand, your business or your organisation.

There are different printing techniques available for different budgets but they all use eco-friendly ink. ACP is a proud distributor of brands such as Cottover, Stanley & Stella, Neutral, Pi-Ver and Continental clothing ensuring that all T-shirts, sweaters and others are made with respect for people and nature.

The ACP team transforms every garment into a personalised item. They always look for the perfect printing technique to match the customers’ needs: embroidery or screen printing? A special colour? Your own drawing on your T-shirts? ACP does not shy away from any challenge.

Sustainable textiles printed with eco-friendly inks for a fair price. That's ACP!

Our brands

Ethically Made
Planet friendly 100% Organic
Planet Friendly: 100% biodegradable materials
Circular Upcycled PET Plastics
Circular Easy to Recycle Materials
Zero Waste Packaging
Zero Waste Made to Measure
Slow Fashion Seasonless
Transparency 50%: through storytelling
Stanley / Stella
Ethically Made
Planet friendly part of the collection is organic
Circular Upcycled Post consumer Jeans
Slow Fashion Seasonless
Transparency 50%: through storytelling

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