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Standing out is key

Today, the fashion scene likes to mix simply with extravagant.
The Drykorn brand is an ideal example of this. Bright colors and animal prints on classic costumes and minimalist dresses with an eye-catching accessory as an urban twist. With Drykorn you won't get bored.


This clothing brand for men and women is all about the person in and behind the garment. Drykorn attaches great importance to the employees at its headquarters, who create the brand and it shows this to the consumer. On their site, you can take a look behind the scenes and read stories from some of Drykorn's people. Whether the brand maintains as good relationships with the planet as it does with its employees is not so certain. There's nothing to be found about the sustainability of the clothing brand, and the materials Drykorn uses for its clothing aren't the most environmentally friendly either. So COSH! would have to do even more research to get the overall picture. This is why the brand does not yet get a transparency score.

Where to buy Drykorn?