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Arpe was born with the desire to promote a lifestyle and a conscious and respectful relationship with the environment and with oneself.

Arpe was born more than 55 years ago as a family business. A lifelong textile tradition that they decided to continue, growing and learning, to become what they are today: Craftsmen of a new generation. They work from the knowledge of traditional craftsmanship and add a pinch of innovation and creativity.

They make and design meaningful, useful, sustainable and durable products with a lot of character. As they say: If you choose Arpe, you are betting on origin, sustainability and design.


At Arpe they want their products to be connected to the place, the origin and the people behind them. That is why they make their products in-house, in their own factory in Arenys de Munt (Barcelona), in order to supervise every detail and ensure the quality they deserve.

Each product is created with great care and love by their team of professional craftswomen. While one cuts the fabric, the other prints the design and the next sews the edges. A combination of handwork and teamwork that makes each product unique.


Most of their products are made from woven polyester yarn from post-consumer rPET bottles.

As humans, we are constantly producing and using new resources, creating an incredible amount of waste. Waste that is either incinerated or left in the ground, polluting a lot in both cases. So at Arpe they have decided not to be part of this.

They have decided to use existing waste and give it a second life. But how? The plastic bottles are melted down to create a very soft microfibre fabric, also called polyester yarn, which is then woven into large pieces of fabric.

In addition, Arpe takes care of its actions, processes and impact on the planet. For this reason, they have calculated the carbon footprint of their entire company and that of some of their products, such as their microfibre towels.

Their 75 x 155cm microfibre towels have a carbon footprint of 2.70 kg CO2 equivalent. What does this mean? The carbon footprint of the towel is reduced by 21% when we use renewable energy and recycled material. In other words, the impact it has on the planet during its production and use phase is 76% less than a cotton towel of the same dimensions. And it also helps us consumers save on many different aspects such as energy, water, soap and space.

In addition, they are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, certifying effective quality management systems and environmental management systems.


All their products are eco-designed under the criteria of the circular economy and with 100% renewable energy, in fact, they have solar panels installed in the factory.

In addition, they look for the most optimal measurements and cut the fabric accordingly in order to generate the least amount of waste. From the design phase, they think about reducing the amount of material to make the most of the width of the piece and cut. On the other hand, in their service to companies, they always produce to the client's prior order, so they try not to generate surplus or waste.

They also make sure that their products are recycled and recyclable, so most of their products are mono-material, to make their subsequent recycling easier. And they treat their packaging in the same way: the less and the more recycled, the better!

Short chain

Arpe has been a very local company from the start. Everything they can do, they do in-house, in their factory. They conceive, design, prototype, knit, weave, laminate, cut, print, sew, manufacture and package in their factory in Arenys de Munt (Barcelona). And what they can't do, they source from nearby local manufacturers who share their values.

Some of their fabric suppliers are from Asia and others are from local factories in Barcelona.

If you choose Arpe, you are betting on 20 workers and a strong network of local collaborators.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is important to Arpe, which is why they do not work with animal-derived materials.

Short chain & Longevity

Arpe offers high quality products. The fabric of the towels is carefully chosen to be more resistant, absorbent, quick-drying and hygienic than traditional towels.

In addition, compared to a 100% cotton towel, Arpe calculated great savings with their towels: 58% less energy, 55% less water and 40% less soap.


Their doors are always open! At Arpe they want to be transparent with their production process.

Their factory in Arenys de Munt is open to anyone interested in knowing more about their products and how they are made. They love to show what they do and how they do it, and they invite you to be part of it.

On their website you will find more information about their manufacturing processes, use of materials, their values and even some of their environmental certificates.

If you want to know more about Arpe, just contact them and they will answer all your questions!

In addition, Arpe has revealed to COSH! the name of their suppliers and provided their certificates.

At Arpe you will find conscious towels and products made in a sustainable, responsible and local way!

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