Are you curious about the most sustainable addresses in Amsterdam? Designer and vlogger Roosmarijn Koster takes you to her favorite sustainable hotspots on the COSH! Shopping Map in Amsterdam-West. She even made a great podcast about it! Listen to it below, or on SoundCloud SoundCloud or Spotify. In this blog, you will find her favorite spots all listed again.

COSH! · Roosmarijn Koster goes sustainable shopping with COSH in Amsterdam-West
Discover the most sustainable clothing atelier with its own store

1. New Optimist

The first thing you notice when you walk into New Optimist is that it's no ordinary store. Their atelier is located right in the middle of the store. At this studio, you can see the designers making the clothes while you are having fun shopping! In this sustainable store you will find locally, socially, and circularly produced fashion.

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At New Optimist, they also want to avoid plastic at all costs. This is evidenced by the fact that both the fabrics, hangtags, and stitchings are made from (recycled) organic cotton.

Are you also curious about how this clothing is made sustainably and fairly, and would you like to score your new favorite ecological outfit? Then quickly go to New Optimist!

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Find the cutest recycled bikes and accessories


In need of a new bike? Then stop by RECYCLE in De Hallen! In this bike store, you can buy bikes with a story: they are all unique, made of second-hand bike parts. You'll also find special products and accessories made from old bike parts. For example, you can find handlebar covers, bags and accessories made from old bicycle tires! You can also buy other items, for example, sustainable winter coats from the brand Maium. These circular jackets are made of recycled PET bottles and are ideal for cycling.

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In addition, at RECYCLE you will also find bicycle repair shops. When your bike needs a facelift, you can have it repaired at this repair shop by people who are detached from the labor market.

Shop the best gadgets and fashion at this cute concept store

3. The Maker Store

Looking for a local gift for someone or yourself? Then be sure to visit The Maker Store in De Hallen! In this sustainable concept store you'll find unique and authentic products from local makers from Amsterdam. You'll find sustainable accessories, innovative artworks, sustainable fashion and more. All of this high quality, fair and mostly handmade!

Can't get enough of the best gadgets? Browse guilt-free in this sustainable concept store!

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Custom-made durable denim

4. Denim City

Would you like a new pair of sustainable jeans? De Hallen is the place to be! At Denim City their goal is to bring the denim industry to a 'Brighter Blue'. In addition to great expertise in the field of sustainable jeans, Denim City also offers a lot of personal attention in terms of fit, quality and styling. They offer custom-made jeans as well as an alteration and repair service. When you visit Denim City, you can be sure that you will go home with a perfectly fitting pair of jeans!

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Visit a local market

5. Ten Katermarkt

Want to make some purchases during your sustainable shopping trip? Then pass by Ten Katermarkt. Here you'll find fruits and vegetables, but also a small cheese shop, and nuts for example. Great for a short shopping break!

Discover curated handpicked vintage clothing


Are you looking for beautiful and quality vintage clothing? Then go to Indianaweg! In this stylish second-hand store you will only find pieces that are curated and handpicked by the owners Débra and Romy. As a result, the vintage clothing is always in good condition and stylish as well. When they come across a nice piece that could use a little refurbishment, they upcycle this item themselves to hang it in their store later.

Besides clothing, they also offer other fun things like cards, natural cosmetics, plants, and pots for example. For vintage lovers and people looking for unique clothing, accessories, and decoration Indianaweg is the place to be.

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Find carefully selected second hand and local children's clothes

7. Otis en de Wolf

Do you think it's a shame to keep buying new clothes for your child, when they won't fit again within a few months? Then stop by Otis en de Wolf. In this store, you can find quality and carefully selected children's clothes for children from 0 to 10 years old. They also sell fun toys and children's books for your little rascal. Besides second-hand, they also sell clothes from local designers.

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At Otis en de Wolf, you will definitely find what you need! While shopping, your children can play in the play corners and during the summer even in the garden. You can also bring your own children's clothing there, and you might even earn something yourself!

For local and second-hand children's clothing, toys and books, be sure to drop by Otis and the Wolf!

Are you also excited about these great sustainable addresses? Then be sure to check out our shopping guide, discover even more hotspots in Amsterdam and other cities and create your own sustainable shopping route!

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