Finally, in Belgium and the Netherlands it is lovely weather again, with warmer temperatures and blissful sunshine! A good portion of vitamin D is always a real treat, but unfortunately it is not without risk. Before you know it, you will end up like a red lobster after a nice day at the beach. So protecting your skin from the sun with good sunscreen is certainly no superfluous luxury!

Sunscreen products are available everywhere, but unfortunately not all variants are equally environmentally friendly. Products with a chemical UV filter contain substances that affect the coral reefs in the oceans. Are you looking for a good sunscreen that does not harm the environment? Discover our tips here!

Why choose a natural sun cream?

As with other care products, sun cream can also contain harmful chemicals. When you buy a sun block, be sure to avoid perfumes and parabens. These can cause irritated skin and that is something you want to avoid!

In addition, oxybenzone and octinoxate are also widely used substances in sunscreen products. They absorb UV and are therefore often used by manufacturers to counteract UV degradation. These substances are known hormone disruptors and thus not healthy to apply to your skin. They also end up in seas and oceans when people put on sunscreen before swimming. Research shows that these substances, in addition to unsustainable fishing and other pollution, also damage coral reefs in the oceans.

Do you want to do not only your skin a favour, but also the environment? Then shop at the sustainable shops below and choose a natural sunscreen!

Natural sunscreen for sensitive skin

At Løv | Elly in Antwerp and Scharrelvos in Antwerp-Berchem you will find Naïf sunscreen for both kids and adults. It has natural, mineral UV filters based on zinc oxide (non-nano) and is also suitable for the most sensitive skin. The tubes are also made from sugar cane, which saves about 55 grams of CO2 compared to a normal plastic tube.

Nurturing sunscreen with natural oils

Are you looking for a good sun cream that protects and cares for your skin at the same time? At HOST in Berchem, you will find Sunscreen from Loveli with nourishing argan oil, avocado oil and macadamia oil. The cream protects against UVA (skin ageing) and UVB (sunburn) and consists of 100% natural ingredients.

Vegan sunscreen for all skin types

At KIEZ in Antwerp, you will also find the sun lotion and aftersun gel of the German brand I+M. The waterproof sun lotion contains natural minerals and does not contain any nano particles. Moreover, the products are fully certified vegan! The sun lotion does not leave a white film on the skin and is also suitable for darker skin types. In addition, the sunflower seed oil and aloe vera provide a silky soft and moisturised feeling.

Sun cream for the little ones

The mineral sun cream and lotion from the Weleda 'baby and child' range is suitable for children. You can buy it at Doekjes en Broekjes in Leuven and at Kudzu in Bruges. As the cream needs a little time to be absorbed into the skin, you can easily see where you have already applied it and where more is needed. Ideal for toddlers who suddenly want to do everything themselves!

Sunscreen stick made of natural materials

Are you looking for a sun cream that you can easily carry with you and doesn't run out in your bag? Then a sun cream stick is ideal! At Supergoods in Antwerp, Ghent and Mechelen, Anders Getint in Leuven and at Kudzu in Bruges, you will find a natural sun cream stick from the brand 'We love the planet'.

The product is made of natural and vegetable ingredients such as rapeseed oil, coconut oil and cornstarch powder, among others, with natural UV filters (zinc oxide and titanium oxide). Apply the stick generously before sunbathing and spread it well. The cream is water repellent, but drying off after swimming or sweating may reduce the protection.

Natural, zero-waste sunscreen

At MINIMAL in Berchem and at Kudzu in Bruges, you will find the Amazinc! sun cream in a handy tin or in a zero-waste cardboard packaging. Thanks to the natural ingredients, including almond oil, jojoba and olive oil, you can enjoy your time on the beach without getting damaged!

Simple As That: The Ideal Base for your make-up

The perfect sunscreen for under your make-up? You'll find it at KIEZ in Antwerp. The sun cream for your face from Simple As That is completely organic and vegan and is suitable for the whole family. The cream contains zinc oxide as an active ingredient with green tea, rosehip oil and raspberry seed oil.

Soft sun lotion from Skin By Dings

Are you looking for a soft lotion that spreads easily and does not stick? At Teint Teint in Antwerp and at Clothilde in Aalst, you will find the sun lotion from Skin By Dings. The product has Tinosorb M and Tinosorb B filters, which have a better texture than mineral filters and are softer than synthetic filters (such as Oxybenzone).

Natural sunscreen from Rainpharma

At Clothilde in Aalst, you will find Rainpharma's natural sun cream. It contains a fully mineral UV filter based on zinc oxide. The light formula spreads easily without leaving a white film and is quickly absorbed without a greasy feeling. The sun cream is 100% vegan and also suitable for babies and children.

Mineral sunscreen for a sensitive skin

Are you already dreaming of a sunny day on a Spanish beach? The Sol De Ibiza sun cream, available at Druantia in Lier, immediately puts you in a blissful holiday mood! These mineral sun creams consist exclusively of organic and natural products. Discover the handy sun stick or opt for a handy tin. Coconut and sweet almond oil nourish the skin, marigold extract calms and aloe vera juice keeps the moisture balance on track.

Sunscreen based on aloe vera juice

Did you know that most cosmetics mainly consist of water? Not at SantaVerde! This sustainable brand offers organic skincare products with certified aloe vera juice as a basis. Just like water this makes the products fluid, but also offers many positive effects like the moisturization of your skin and a long lasting hydration.

The water-resistant sunscreen offers instant protection against UVA and UVB rays. If it is already too late and you got sunburnt, SantaVerde also offers aloe vera aftersun. Find this brand at mAke in Hasselt and Druantia in Lier!

Dermatologically tested organic sunscreen

Buy natural and organic sunscreen of the French brand Alphanova at mAke in Hasselt! This sunscreen is always tested under dermatological conditions, is safe and suitable for even the most sensitive skin! It is waterproof, non-greasy and non-sticky to make sure you can fully enjoy a sunny day at the beach or pool without losing protection or feeling sticky.

Innovative sunscreen for the whole family

Are you on the hunt for an innovative sunscreen for the whole family? Try Alga Maris, the sunscreen of Laboratoires de Biarritz! The organic suncare provides optimal protection and comes in many forms: from sun milk to sun spray to sunscreen specifically for the face, sensitive skin or for kids. You will be sure to find something that fulfills your needs! Shop this highly protective sunscreen brand at Druantia in Lier!

Vegan and transparent sunscreen

Find cruelty-free vegan sunscreen of Dutch brand The Lekker company at Vega Life in Amsterdam! The Lekker Company is passionate about effective skincare made from simple ingredients. For their sunscreen, they use zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are mineral-based natural ingredients that support the healing of the skin and counters acne. For all of their products, they also state the ingredients in “understandable language”. For this vegan and ocean friendly sunscreen, visit Vega Life in Amsterdam!

Sunscreen with a Farm to Face®-sourcing philosophy

For a wide range of luxury sun-and skin-protecting products with a Farm to Face®-sourcing philosophy, head to Clothilde in Aalst! Here you can find Coola, a sunscreen brand with 70% certified organic ingredients that is cruelty free, vegan, reef friendly and does not contain any parabens.

Aftersun for the whole family

Oops, is it already too late and did you get sunburnt? At Supergoods in Ghent, Mechelen and Antwerp, you will find aftersun from the EQ brand. The products are suitable for the most sensitive skin and are therefore also suitable for children. The ingredients are 100% of natural origin.

Did you not buy a new sunscreen for this summer yet? Then be sure to take a look at the points of sale mentioned in this article! Would you like to discover more sustainable points of sale? Go and discover them in our shopping guide!

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