05 July 2024

RE/GENERATE IMPACT the future of sustainable’ fashion

Header 202030 The Berlin Fashion Summit
Next-generation fabrics or “next-gen” materials are non-plastic, non-synthetic and vegan fabrics that serve as ethical and sustainable alternatives to conventional fabrics for use in fashion, shoes, cars and home products.
“The problem, at the moment, with EPR is that local lobbies influence these local laws. This results in fees that are too low to make a difference, and at the moment they are merely used to trial and test local recycling in their own country. Completely surpassing the fact of all the waste they ship abroad, which they should clean up. We need more stakeholders from the Global South to be included in the conversations and law-making of the EPR.” Liz Ricketts, The Or Foundation
“Collaboration is the only way to take on these data and software problems because we want to have an impact again.” Roman Houlbreque, Retraced.
Barcamp Topic Digital Product Passports, Certifications and Traceability tools
DPP comparison by COSH for 202030 Summit 1
Digital Product Passport or transparency tool comparison by COSH!
‘Let’s be transparent, but let that not be the only thing we have to share.’ Thimo Schwenzfeier, Conscious Fashion Store.
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