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Greener and healthier living with Anne Drake

Anne Drake used to work in the packaging industry before she turned her life around. Back in 2013, she watched a documentary called Plastic Planet by Werner Boote and it changed her life. Ever since, she has been committed to a zero waste lifestyle and helping others in their transition notably through her books ‘Ecologie op hoge hakken’ (‘Ecology in high heels’) and ‘Eco-lifestyle. Aan de slag!’ (‘Eco-lifestyle. Get to work!’) (unfortunately not available in English yet) and her workshops.

Anne delivers her workshops all over Flanders and teaches attendees how to make natural cosmetics and eco-friendly cleaning products such as solid shampoo bars and disinfectant cleaner. Check out the dates and locations of her upcoming workshops here and join Anne for a wholesome and productive few hours.

If you’re not able to attend a workshop in person, no panic! Anne has launched a webshop where you can order handy boxes with all of the raw materials needed and access to an online instruction video so you can make your own care products such as solid shampoo, conditioners bars and makeup remover from the comfort of your own home. You could even make an event out of it and have some friends over so you can all learn and be inspired together.

Anne’s webshop also sells everyday household items to make your sustainable lifestyle easier. Reduce your environmental footprint and switch to vegan floss, sustainable toothbrushes and all natural packaging-free soaps!

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Anne Drake
Planet friendly part of the collection is organic
Planet friendly no microplastics
Planet Friendly No harmful Chemicals are leaching
Vegan part of the collection is vegan
Zero Waste Packaging
Handmade in Belgium

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Savonneries Marius Fabre zero waste soap gift box
Savonneries Marius Fabre how soap is made
Savonneries Marius Fabre handcreme
Savonneries Marius Fabre ecofriendly soap gift box
Ecologie op hoge hakken boek cover auteur anne drake zelf cosmetica maken
ECOLIFESTYLE aan de slag auteur anne drake boek cover
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