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Do you have a collection of lonely socks in your closet? Zokk'n will put an end to that once and for all. With this Belgian sock brand, you can buy a sock per piece that you can mix and match endlessly. The colourful socks are made of 85% merino wool and therefore feel light and soft. Is one of your socks broken? Then Zokk'n will gladly provide you with a spool of wool to repair the sock. Because sustainability starts with not throwing something away when it can be repaired, according to the brand.


The production of the socks takes place in Portugal. Zokk'n communicates very transparently about their producer. Thanks to the European production, they can guarantee good working conditions. The factory also uses 100% renewable resources and has several certificates, such as SA8000 and GOTS, which ensure humane and environmentally friendly practices.


The yarn consists of 85% merino wool, 13% polyamide and 2% elastane. The label of the socks consists of organic raw cotton made by a German manufacturer.

Why did Zokk'n choose wool? Merino wool is heat regulating and antibacterial. This makes it ideal for sweaty feet! In addition, wool is of course a renewable resource that is fully biodegradable. The socks are not coated and therefore cannot be washed at 40 degrees. So wash them by hand or use a wool cycle. Want to know more about how to maintain your Zokk'n socks? Check the website of Zokk'n.

The synthetic materials polyamide and elastane come from crude oil and are therefore not biodegradable. However, they do guarantee firmer toes and heels and thus extend the life of the socks. Fun fact: Each size of sock has a different toe colour at Zokk'n. This makes it easy to find your size in the laundry basket of socks!

The brand also takes sustainability into account when it comes to packaging. The cardboard boxes are made of recycled paper and are therefore fully biodegradable. Around the socks there is only a wrap of grass paper. No plastic packaging!

Animal welfare

The Zokk'n wool producer is located in South Africa and fortunately does not practice mulesing. This is the cutting away of skin around the rump of a sheep so that the skin is less likely to attract flies. This procedure is often done without anaesthetic and is therefore very painful for the sheep. At COSH! We are already fans of mulesing free wool, because it is better for animal welfare!

Circular economy

Since the socks are made of different materials, they are not easily recyclable. Therefore, the brand's philosophy is to make your socks last as long as possible by repairing them when possible.

Slow Fashion

The collection is built up on the basis of 9 colours with which you can make countless combinations. Zokk'n resists fast fashion and fickle trends and stays true to these colours. This makes the socks last and when one gets broken or lost after a few seasons, you can refill your sock drawer with a new sock.

Short supply chain

Apart from the wool that originates from South Africa, Zokk'n's entire supply chain is in Europe. We at COSH! can certainly applaud that! The wool is spun in Italy and then knitted into socks in Portugal. This allows Zokk'n to save on long transports and minimise their footprint.


Zokk'n communicates very transparently about the different players in their production chain on their website. COSH! also talked to the brand and experienced openness and transparency with founder Nadia.

Are you still looking for trendy, woolen socks that keep your feet warm in winter and regulate the temperature in summer? Support a local entrepreneur and put together your ideal mix of Zokk'n! Discover the points of sale below.

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