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TOCS creates bags specially designed for everyday comfort. Big and strong bags, so they are ideal for many uses and this makes them totally sustainable.

It all started when Ona, creator of TOCS textile crafts, signed up for sewing classes and her first project was to create a tote bag. She remembers that it took her a few sessions, but the day she finished it in sewing class, she decided to use it to go to the theatre the same night.

For her, it was the best bag in the world. It was amazing, and since she saw the result, she decided that she wanted to continue creating, designing and sewing bags. So, she decided to create the brand TOCS!

Today, with TOCS, she designs exclusive bags, limited editions and locally made. Designed for multiple uses and different lifestyles.

Find the ideal TOCS for your lifestyle!


Ona, the creator of TOCS, is a basically practical, organised and creative person, surrounded by good people who help her at TOCS!

Ona always looks carefully for workshops that she understands in terms of values and quality, which is why most of her bags are made in the Emili Papirer Workshop in the Raval district of Barcelona, a social workshop that gives opportunities to people at risk of social and labour exclusion. And sometimes, when there is a lot of work, they also make them in Anna and Mireia's workshop in Igualada.

Finally, the finishing touches are done at Espacio TOCS, where Ona and some collaborators work, always willing to lend a hand with production and quality control:

Ascensión, her mother, helps her to iron each and every one of the bags with great care, and does the quality control accordingly.

Roger, her brother-in-law, goes to the workshop to sew the Básica models, and works very hard so that the bags arrive on time.

Laia, his sister, goes to the workshop from time to time to lend a hand when they have a lot of production work.

These are the wonderful people who make up TOCS!


At TOCS they buy fabrics in small and exclusive quantities from different local suppliers in Barcelona, specialists in fabrics for clothing.

For example, the Forever collection is made with cotton fabric bought in Barcelona, from a textile company that collects surplus stock, so no waste is generated.

The Basic collection, on the other hand, is made of polyester on the outside and cotton in Vichy fabric on the inside. Both materials are highly resistant and durable.


At TOCS they collect the TOCS bag that you no longer use themselves and will recycle it properly. This is one of their commitments, which is why they use easily separable raw materials to facilitate recycling.

Short chain

All TOCS pieces are made locally in Catalonia with fabrics bought in Barcelona, Berguedà and the surrounding area. They make sure that all their materials are of national origin.

The leather handles are from Gijón, from a small family business that started in 1932. And the cotton handles are from a wholesale haberdashery in Sant Joan d'Espí.

Animal welfare

They use a small percentage of animal fabric. Some of the handles of the bags are made of leather, bought from a national supplier, specifically from a small family business in Gijón.

Slow fashion and longevity

TOCS bags are made for a lively woman, designed especially for everyday comfort. They are large and strong, so they are ideal for many uses and this makes them totally sustainable, which will last for many years to come.

In addition, they only make limited editions and locally. Precisely for this reason, TOSC is a slow fashion brand, because they produce in small quantities and by hand.


At TOCS they always explain who they work with and how they do it through their website, but even so, if you want to know more, you can ask whatever you want and they will tell you about it without any problems, as TOCS is a very transparent brand.

In addition, COSH! has spoken to Ona, the creator of TOCS, and with total transparency she has provided us with the names of her suppliers and garment workshops, so we can assure you that TOCS is a transparent brand.

Discover TOCS, the essential bag to carry with you at all times, worn or folded, to use whenever you need it in your day-to-day life!