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Susan Bijl made ‘The new shopping bag’ during her studies at the Willem de Kooning Academie to combat plastic shopping bags and a growing waste mountain. This is the colourful and sustainable answer to the plastic bag..
Since 2002 the designer and co-owner and husband Vincent van Duin have created bags and back packs for daily use for young and old. A minimalistic design in different colour combinations, for each his own!


Since the end of 2019 all fabrics are made of recycled materials. The recycled nylon comes from fish nets but also from pre-consumer waste and computer chips. Susan also uses 100% recycled polyester for the New Bum Bag en the New Backpack. The bags of Susan Bijl are enormously light so that they can easily be folded but carry a lot of weight. The shopping bags can carry more than 20 kilos. Heavy shopping is no problem! The waterproof backpack has a laptop section and is finished with a strong zipper.

The materials are Bluesign certified, which guarantees the consumer that no toxic materials are used. The safety and health of the consumer and worker are put first. However, the source of the recycled nylon is unknown. Therefore, we can’t guarantee that it’s more sustainable.

Animal friendly

The handbags, shopperts and backpacks contain no animal materials. Not all vegan products are not harmful for animals. Bags made of recycled nylon can still spread microplastics when being washed. These microplastics come into the ocean and rivers and harm the environment and animals. Try to wash your bag as little as possible or use Guppyfriend that catches microplastics.


The first two years Susan sewed almost 400 bags in her studio in Rotterdam. After this, the production increased. Recently bags are made in China and Vietnam. Susan has good contact with the supplier and she keeps an eye on the work environment and safety of workers. The Dutch label works together with a family owned business in Vietnam that employs local workers.

Circular Economy

Susan Bijl and Vincent van Duin are determined to reduce the waste mountain. The Dutch brand uses recycled materials such as residues for the production of new handbags and backpacks. To reduce fabric leftovers, the factories cut the patterns of the bags and backpacks in detail. Possible leftovers are used to make seams, ribbons and bonds.

The brand uses as little possible packaging for their bags. Only the shopping bag has a package in the shape of a wrap. The other bags have a hang tag. This means that you won’t get a bag in their flagship store because you are already buying a bag!

All colourful bags and waterproof backpacks are GRS certified. The Gobal Recycled Standard is a quality label for recycled materials. This standard takes into account the materials or different ecological and social demands when materials are produced.

Slow Fashion Business model

SUSAN BIJL produces in small editions. The handbags, shoppers and backpacks have a timeless design which makes them less products of the season.

Is your bag or backpack broken? It is time to deliver it and repair it through the Care & Repair-service. Your old bag will get a new life and your old materials will last longer.


SUSAN BIJL is transparent about the use of material. Thanks to the Global Recycled Standard it is easier to track the origin of recycled nylon and polyester.

The exact suppliers of Susan Bijl in China and Vietnam are not known and this is a small minus. Thanks to the good relationship with the suppliers and the yearly visits to the family-owned factories, the whole team can follow the production process.

Do you also want a colourful shopper or backpack for yourself and your family? Look beneath on the map where you can buy Susan Bijl.

Where to buy Susan Bijl?


Susanbijl recycled polyester shopper colourful model 2 brand COSH
Susanbijl recycled polyester bum bag colourful purple and red brand COSH
Susanbijl recycled polyester shopper colourful model 1 brand COSH
Susanbijl recycled polyester shopper colourful blue and red brand COSH
Susanbijl recycled polyester backpack colourful black and red brand COSH
Susanbijl recycled polyester shopper colourful brand COSH