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We maken de switch

After years of working in the fast fashion industry, Alexia and Maria changed course. Together they set up a shop in Mallorca with their own ready-to-wear line made of fabric leftovers. They had learned a lot from their time in fast fashion and knew very well how to do it and how not to do it at all. Suite 13 had to change the fashion industry.


Clothing for women who like to pamper themselves with something timeless, but still like to be trendy. Suite 13 can be worn to all occasions, if it's for work, a day at the beach or a party. The brand also always opts for neutral tones that suit everyone. A brand for all women!


The materials used by Suite 13 are mostly leftover fabrics from other factories. However, the brand also works with new fabrics, such as Tencel, EcoVero, wool and modal. These are sustainable materials. Where the surplus fabric comes from is not clear, so COSH! would like to see more information on this.


The entire collection is produced by the brand in Barcelona. The fabrics are all from Spain. So here we can certainly speak of the short supply chain. This makes transport and pollution very low. Definitely a big plus!

The Spanish interpretation of minimalism and timelessness: that is Suite 13. Wrap yourself in the feminine forms of this brand. How? Visit the stores listed below!

Where to buy Suite 13?