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Stylish and conscious buying with SKFK

If you would like to consume more consciously, but you haven't found your brand yet, discover this Basque brand SKFK. A brand that stands for change in consumption and production.


The brand was originally called Skunfunk, but a few years ago it took a different approach and changed its name and working method. Since then, SKFK has been working its way up to an ecological brand that wants to become completely circular. They want to achieve this goal by 2020.

Ecological and circular?

According to their website, SKFK works mainly with GOTS-certified cotton, but sometimes we still find blends with traditional cotton on the shelves. Unlike that, we can tick all the other sustainable boxes with this brand. Like the use of ecological fabrics: lyocell lenzing, flax and hemp. SKFK is also very much committed to the reuse of textile waste. For example, they select recycled polyester from plastic bottles for their jackets and use the nylon from fishing nets to make handbags and accessories.

In the field of transport and packaging, too, SKFK continues to go green. The transport of their products is done over water or with small distance trucks. The plane is completely avoided by the brand, hell yeah! For their packaging, they choose the least polluting version or reusable packaging from RePack. Their polybags are 100% biodegradable and the labels are made of cotton paper. All of the above, the planting of forests and the use of green energy must pave the way to a CO2 neutral clothing brand.

The brand offers leasing of their colourful garments. So you can rent a complete outfit for 39 euros a month. It reduces the pointless consumption among consumers craving for something new and ensures that the amount of textile waste does not increase as fast. Interesting, but think of the transport. COSH! finds that the journey a piece of clothing has to make between the customer and the SKFK dry cleaner in Roubaix is still a little too far.

What we also applaud is the transparency about their ecological footprint. As a customer, you can simply follow this through their website. For each garment, the positive impact that a SKFK garment has compared to a brand that does not work sustainably is measured and visualised.

Fairtrade at SKFK

Their organic cotton is GOTS-certified, which means that the cotton farmers work under good working conditions and earn a fair wage. Although the brand claims to be fully fairtrade certified, we do not know whether their stitching and knitting factories carry the GOTS label.

In short

SKFK is on the right track and here at COSH! we see it as a promising brand. Conscious consumption is what you do at SKFK.

Where to buy SKFK?


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