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Are you looking for a unique dress, trouser suit or kimono? Meet Renée: the hip upcycling clothing brand by Zoë De Cock and her mother Veerle Hamerlinck. At Renée, the reuse of existing garments is central and every piece is a unique piece!

Unique pieces

Renée's story started when Zoë's grandfather wanted to throw away some old shirts. The creative fashion technology student thought this was a waste and went to work with them. By combining different shirts, she created a dress. Zoë's upcycling creations quickly found favour with those around her and from this motivation the brand Renée was born in September 2020. The name refers to the French word renée (reborn) and, like the brand itself, is unisex.

Reuse of materials

All Renée dresses are made of a combination of existing shirts that Zoë and Veerle found through friends and acquaintances, in second-hand shops or at flea markets. They are thus saved from the waste mountain, which contributes to the circular economy!

The surprising combinations of the different shirts make each piece unique. Do you like striking colours or do you prefer neutral tones? Every Renée is different. This gives you the freedom to choose a unique dress that suits you best! The dresses are one size and are rather loose. This makes them accessible to women of different sizes and figures!

Would you like a personalised piece or do you have an idea for a design? That is possible too! At Renée's you can also bring in your own shirts and trousers and have them made into a dress or kimono. That way you are sure to receive a personal item that really suits you!

Ethically and locally made

Moreover, all items of clothing are made locally in the Renée atelier in Ghent. So you can be sure that your dress is made in a completely ethical way! During the production process almost everything from the existing shirts is used to make something new. The leftovers are kept and are transformed into mouth masks, scarves, small bags... So nothing goes to waste!

Slow fashion

Every Renée is unique and timeless and is produced according to the slow fashion mindset. In winter you will find warmer dresses and trouser suits made of flannel, corduroy and jeans. In the summer Renée makes airy dresses in cotton and other materials. So you can dress up in trendy Renée dresses all year round!

Can't you wait to go out in a unique, slow fashion dress? Discover Renée at the following sales outlets:

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