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Is your baby growing out of their rompers very quickly? Have you ever thought it would make more sense to rent rompers? Red Orka, an Amsterdam-based label, are the service for you! Erik Ammann, the founder, comes from a family who have been making organic cotton rompers since 1957.


Red Orka rompers are produced from start to finish in their factory in Romania. Quality is their main priority throughout each phase of production, from the making of the fabric to the final touches of the romper. Red Orka is in very close contact with its factory and is therefore able to guarantee the production’s ethical working conditions.


Their rompers are all made from organic cotton showcasing Red Orka’s commitment to sustainable materials. They don't even use elastane, as that would make the products harder to recycle after use. Red Orko also uses unbleached and undyed cotton. This means that no dyes or other chemicals are needed in the production and gives a natural off-white colour to the rompers.

The cotton is GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). This guarantees that the cotton is organic and requires the entire production chain to comply with strict social and environmental standards. The collection was also awarded the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certificate, which checks for the use of harmful chemical substances. Red Orka were granted the highest and strictest level of the OEKO-Tex Standard 100 label, proving that their fabrics are suitable for use in children’s and baby clothes.

If you live in Amsterdam, the rompers will even be delivered by bike - another win for the planet!


Red Orka’s business model of renting out rompers is circular. Thanks to Red Orka, each romper can be worn by up to 6 babies. As soon as your baby has outgrown their romper, send it back to the brand and request the size up. Returned rompers are then professionally cleaned at higher temperatures so they are as good as new for the next baby.

When the rompers are no longer usable, they are sold to a recycling company where they can easily be recycled into yarn, as they are 100% cotton. That is why Red Orka does not use elastane in its products.

Short chain

Red Orka's supply chain is fairly short. The company is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Production takes place in Romania so it’s made in Europe, and the cotton comes from Turkey.

Animal welfare

All Red Orka products are made from 100% organic cotton so the rompers are vegan. Even the cotton farming is animal-friendly because no pesticides or insecticides are used and fertilizers are also prohibited. This helps minimise the impact on the local environment and biodiversity.


Red Orka's products have a long lifespan due to the high-quality materials they use. The products are made with care and attention to detail. This is required when you are looking to make 6 different babies happy with the same bodysuit.


Red Orka received the 50% transparency badge from COSH!. We know all the countries where the materials come from and where the products are made. To increase their transparency rating, they could make their manufacturers known.

Would you like to dress your baby in a circular and environmentally-friendly romper without adding to the mountain of textile waste? Red Orka’s rental subscription service is the answer! Find out on the map below where to rent their rompers.

Where to buy Red Orka?


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