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The merriest of the gang

Bring life to the brewery with these fun colour combinations from Froy & Dind! A clothing brand with a passion for nature and life.


This clothing brand for women is part of the group Green Queens. An umbrella brand that wants its love for the planet and man to flow through in each of its daughter brands. Froy & Dind offers you casual wear with a color mix of earth colors and bright shades.

Oy-Di & planet

The clothing brand believes that the environment should not suffer from the production of clothing. That is why it only produces with sustainable materials, such as organic cotton. The GOTS label applies to all organic cotton pieces and also for their fine knitwear. Froy & Dind has been working for ten years with the same manufacturers for knitwear and jersey fabrics. Bamboo, Tencel and recycled PET are also produced at the same certified factory.

Oy-Di & people

All production takes place in Turkey and Portugal, where the workers receive a fair wage. There is no overproduction either. Froy & Dind looks very closely at how much stock is needed in each shop. The brand also works with digital printing, which also makes it easier to estimate production quotas and ensures that there are fewer fabric surpluses. The very small overstock still sells Froy & Dind in stock sales. If they still have overstock, it goes to non-profit organizations and charities, such as Payoke and Artsen Zonder Vakantie. Fabrik leftovers and damaged clothing go to Berrefonds.


Do you want to create not only a green, but also a colourful dressing? Then we definitely recommend Froy & Dind.

Where to buy Froy & Dind ladies?