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A (l’)Anvers

Casual, classic or modern. Difficult choice? Not with the reversible and detachable collars from Mon Col, so you can adjust your style in seconds. How handy is that!

Since its creation in 2016, this Antwerp clothing brand has had a sustainable approach. Eva Juchtmans started Mon Col with the design of reversible and replaceable collars. Later on, she added garments such as dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and blouses. The intention of her concept is that you can adapt your garment to multiple occasions. Also a common problem with blouses is the quick wear of the collar. That's why the garment needs to be replaced more often than a normal top. With Mon Col garments you don't have that problem. This way you don't have to buy new clothes every time. An advantage for the environment and your bank account.


Mon Col mainly uses plant-based materials such as viscose, lyocell and cotton. The cotton is not yet organic, but at COSH! We are already happy that Mon Col gets their lyocell Tencel from the Lenzing Group. This group guarantees a sustainable forestry and we at COSH! are very enthusiastic about that!


The design and development of the patterns takes place in Belgium at Flanders Fashion Makers. It is one of the well-known Belgian manufacturers that keep the business in our country going. By buying at Mon Col you support the design and technical design team that is still based in Belgium. Mon Col buys all materials in Europe. These then go to the Flanders Fashion Makers factory, which is also located in Europe. Mon Col is not completely transparent about the location on their website. COSH! has planned meetings with Mon Col, in the meantime we give Mon Col 50% transparency.


No idea what to wear for a holiday, job interview or fun date? Mon Col gives you everything in one piece of clothing. So save yourself a lot of money and wardrobe space and shop Mon Col!

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Mon Col COSH FW22 Yellow jumpsuit
Mon Col COSH FW22 Dress Flowerprint
Mon Col COSH FW22 Dress Taupe
Mon Col COSH FW22 Pants Lila
Mon Col COSH FW22 Minidress nettle