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Mila & Jules is a new Belgian brand with clothing made of durable bamboo, a soft and pleasant fabric. Each piece of the collection is embroidered by hand by founder Margot and is therefore unique.

The garments have quotes with messages such as 'je m'en fous' and 'et alors'. "With my brand, I want to send out the message that you have to do whatever makes you happy and that you have to pursue your own goals and dreams," says founder Margot.

Mila & Jules' clothing is timeless and made to last. In addition to a 'Never Out Of Stock' collection, which is completely unisex, Mila & Jules releases a new collection twice a year. Mila & Jules sell t-shirts, jumpers, sportswear sets and mouth masks.

Materials: is bamboo durable?

Bamboo is quickly praised as a durable fibre but at COSH! we are critical. Despite the fact that bamboo grows very quickly and is quickly profitable, the usual processing often requires a lot of chemicals and large amounts of water. Production usually takes place in China and the environmental impact can often be disputed.

However, we traced the Mila & Jules manufacturer's production chain and thoroughly researched the suppliers involved in processing bamboo from wood to textiles. And it has to be said, they are a forerunner in sustainable bamboo production.

All waste water from the bamboo is recycled during the production of Mila & Jules' clothing. Spinning and further processing in Portugal is 'dry' which means that no water is used during processing, a plus for the environment.

In addition, all clothing is processed and coloured according to the European REACH standards. REACH is a label for the registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemical substances produced in or imported into the European Union.

Circular Economy

To extend the life of the clothing, elastane is added to the Mila & Jules jumpers. This increases the wearing comfort and the clothes keep their shape better. The maximum percentage of elastane is 5% so that the fabric can still be recycled after use.

Short Supply Chain

The manufacturer of Mila & Jules cooperates with Greenway, a division of DHL. They guarantee as few transports as possible in order to deliver the orders as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible.

Working conditions

The bamboo comes from China, from areas under German supervision and FSC certified. This means that the wood comes from sustainable logging and that good working conditions are strived for. After China, the bamboo fibres end up in Portugal for processing. Spinning, weaving and colouring all take place within a radius of 80 km. In Portugal, the stitchers from the small-scale family business also receive bonuses on top of their wages (which are above the minimum wage).

Where to buy Mila & Jules?