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A beautiful vegan handbag is the ultimate fashion accessory. And the biggest eye-catcher! At a party, on the street or at work: with Matt & Nat's handbags, laptop bags and wallets, you make a sustainable choice.
And come on, that's what bags are for. Right?
Oh, they also sell nice vegan belts, shoes and sunglasses.

But we also need to be critical... Matt&Nat still uses a lot of PVC. Animal-friendly, yes. But bad for the environment. And we have known that for a long time.
Matt&Nat: time to find a sustainable material that is not only animal friendly, but also environmentally friendly.

Matt & Nat?

Canadian full vegan brand MAT(T)ERIAL and NATURE was founded in 1995. Their motto is 'Live beautifully'. Or in other words: be a fair person, in what you do and what you wear. Matt & Nat focuses on social responsibility, inclusiveness, integrity, willingness to learn, authenticity and... love. Of course. All you need is love, the Beatles already sang it.

Eco: from needle to thread?

Since its foundation in '95, the brand has been experimenting with different materials: cork, cardboard, natural rubber and recycled nylon. And as of 2007 Matt & Nat has been making the lining of its bags out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. You know: that's 1,200,000 fewer bottles a year that end up in landfills! PrETty good, don't you think?

The bags and accessories themselves are made of vegan leather: PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Plastic, yes. And Matt & Nat is well aware of that.

Meanwhile, the designers at Matt & Nat are looking for more sustainable materials. Because it remains plastic, of course. And come on, it has to be possible to do better. Try harder, Matt&Nat.

A great place to work?

Matt & Nat is taking its social responsibility seriously. The brand encourages its employees to volunteer as much as possible - if it fits in with their busy work schedule, that is. Uh? It would be nice to have more transparent data on this, Matt & Nat.

Whether all suppliers are satisfied, the brand remains vague. Matt & Nat produces its bags and accessories in small Chinese factories. They emphasize that they have a long-term relationship with these factories and that they ensure that their products are produced according to their own ethical standards. One of their factories is SA8000 certified. This means that there is no forced or child labour and that the working conditions are safe.

But we don't know anything about the other factories Matt & Nat works with. By the way, how many other factories are there? We expect a brand the size of Matt&Nat to have some more figures and clarity, because they also have a greater responsibility. Come on, Mat&Nat.

A circular brand?

Matt & Nat stimulates upcycling, but does not take back any old bags to recycle them again. What you haven't worn for six months can make someone else happy! So, let's go to the recycling shop with it.

Overall / Short

Matt & Nat makes beautiful bags, shoes and trendy accessories without animal products. For eco-fashionistas that want to shine with a sustainable handbag!

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