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The young Brussels-based company Marypup offers circular rainwear. The brand processes old tent tarpaulins and umbrellas into flashy new rainwear that will protect you against every rain shower.


All products are handmade in neighbouring ateliers. All production takes place in Brussels. So we can assume that this is done in good social conditions, because in Belgium there are strict labour laws and regulations that a company has to comply with.


The materials used for the rainwear are synthetic. This has a greater impact on the environment than natural materials. However, there is no alternative for rainwear, because this material has to be rain and weather resistant.

Therefore, MaryPup only uses recycled materials. The materials come from landfills in Belgium. MaryPup uses both tents and umbrellas for its collection. After collection, the tents and umbrellas are sorted, dismantled, cleaned and cut into patterns. Finally, they are sewn into the new MaryPup collections.


MaryPup completes the circle by upcycling waste into new clothing. In this way, they reduce the waste mountain, while at the same time less new raw materials are needed.

Short chain

MaryPup is strongly committed to keeping the supply chain short. The raw materials come from Belgium and all production takes place in Brussels. For the time being, the company only sells its products within Belgium. In this way, you can be sure that your purchase has not had to travel a long distance to get to you.

Moreover, MaryPup makes the promise never to export products outside the European Union. So even if the company should expand to other countries, it is intended to keep the chain within Europe.


The MaryPup collection contains no materials of animal origin. So this is a completely vegan brand. Unfortunately, the use of synthetic materials can cause microplastics to be released into the environment. This has a major impact on marine ecosystems and is harmful to the animals that live there.

Microplastics are mainly released by washing synthetic clothing. Since outdoor clothing, such as mackintoshes, rarely need to be washed, the impact is limited. Read more about plastics in waterways and oceans here.


To maintain the water repellency of your mackintosh, MaryPup recommends to treat the product regularly. This way you can extend the life of your purchase. The high-quality materials and production techniques also ensure a long life.

MaryPup is also committed to slow fashion. In the collection there are only three designs; a mackintosh, -cape and -pants. These products are always available in different sizes, sometimes also in different colours or prints. The latter depends on the recycled materials and are also always in small editions.


MaryPup scores well in terms of transparency. Because production is partly carried out by the MaryPup team itself, they keep a direct check on the quality of the products and the social conditions. The self-collection of raw materials ensures that there is a clear view on the origin of these materials.

Are you looking for a sustainable mackintosh? Or would you like to get to know the circular collection of MaryPup better? On the map below you will find where you can discover the collection.

Where to buy Marypup?


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