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Alpaca love

Nothing warms your heart more than woollen clothing. Ideal for the chilly winter months or fresh summer evenings. With wool you embrace yourself with love and especially if it is durable wool from cuddly alpacas. For this you need to be at LN Knits, a brand that is completely fair trade and provides its customers with the best wool quality. LN Knits sells woolen sweaters, cardigans, trousers, skirts and winter accessories for women and small children. The brand also sells non-wool basics such as T-shirts and their own LN Jeans. The latter was designed in collaboration with HNST Jeans.


The wool LN Knits uses comes from the finest alpaca fur. The garments do consist of a blend with polyamide. This is a deliberate choice, because it will last much longer than when knitted from 100% alpaca. "If the garment were made entirely of the material, it would start to deform after a while and of course we don't want that to happen." Lien, manager at LN Knits, says.

At LN Knits, a Zero Waste policy also applies. All the wool that the brand has on surplus is turned into ready-to-sell balls for their DIY collection. So you can also knit your own warm wool sweater at home! LN Knits works with biodegradable bags in their stock for packaging and uses recycled bags for online sales. The bags also say: 'I'm a recycled bag, please use me again'. This luxury knitting brand encourages its customers to do the same as them and that means more conscious living. LN Knits uses containers that cross the ocean by boat to transport the garments. In this way, the brand chooses the smallest ecological footprint for a long transport distance!

Fair trade

Crossing the ocean? So where do these sweaters come from? From Peru! LN Knits works there for the production with a Belgian NGO. This organisation helps disadvantaged Peruvian women to find work. By working with this NGO, LN Knits contributes to social developments. And so will you when you buy your woolen accessories at LN Knits from now on!


"Wool is one of the simplest fibres to recycle," says Margot van de Putte, daughter of Valvan Baling systems that builds textile sorting machines. "However, due to the combination with polyamide, this can only be recycled chemically, whereby the polyamide disappears and you therefore have a 30% loss of raw materials. Feedstock recycling is only possible in small laboratories and little is done yet," says Jo from Creamoda.

Fortunately, the collections of LN knits are timeless and pieces to cherish for years to come. Your new favourite will also support women in Peru, how cool is that?


Soft and warm, what more do you expect from a garment. Take a look below where you can find LN Knits or visit the flagship in Antwerp!

Where to buy LN Knits?


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