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Eco-friendly blue jeans

You can create an honest and durable casual look together with Kings of Indigo. Denim made without guilt.

When Tony Tonnaer founded the Kings of Indigo company eight years ago, his objective was clear; to produce clothing in a sustainable way both socially and environmentally, without compromising on quality.
Ever since the brand keeps re-inventing themselves and adapting to the newest fibres such as Tencel (from Eucalyptus) and Refibra (pre consumer upcycled cotton textile waste). This results in a full collection from raincoats, T-shirts, Shirts, Sweaters and jacket all evolving around the main jeans article the brand is known for.

Quality is key

The brand is very transparent about how durable the jeans are.
Kings of Indigo wants to encourage other brands to do the same, so that in the future they can produce together for a better planet. In order to keep the jeans as ecological as possible, the brand tries to work as local as possible. Transport is invariably by truck and not by plane.

Increasingly focusing on the environment is very important for the brand. And Kings of Indigo wants to openly communicate about this. In 2019, for example, it will draw up a sustainability report by Kings of Indigo, which will contain everything about production and ecology, and where changes still need to be made in the coming years. The jeans brand also aims to have a collection consisting entirely of recycled and vegan materials by 2025.

Kings and Queens of Indigo

The brand is utterly transparent on their website on textile factories and manufacturing locations, however you can't tell the exact fibre content of the garment you are looking at. We assume it's a mix of blends of 'unsustainable' fibres combined with the most sustainable fibres available.

Kings of Indigo is a Fair Wear Foundation member since 2012.
The international verification initiative FWF made it its mission to improve the working conditions in the garment supply chain worldwide. With the FWF membership Kings of Indigo committed to follow the “Code of Labour Practice” in all its production facilities. This code is based on the principals of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights.


Kings of Indigo has already made many promises about their Code of Conduct and the use of recycled and vegan materials by 2025.
COSH! follows the brand closely and is looking forward to the future! Do you want to be part of the denim trend? Take a look at Kings of Indigo!

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