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Looking for a unique and colorful vegan bag? Then HVISK is the perfect brand for you! HVISK is a bag brand founded in 2014 in Copenhagen, inspired by the city's vibrant atmosphere. The brand name HVISK is derived from the term word of mouth, and the fact that a message and information travels from person to person through digital communication and social media.

How do you describe HVISK in a nutshell? Playful and colorful. But how sustainable is HVISK really? You can read about that here.


HVISK's website states that they and their manufacturers are committed to following the code of conduct that is in line with their standard for working conditions and chemical use. What this standard entails and whether controls are in place for this is unclear. We do know that the final production of HVISK bags takes place in China and India. Because these are countries where safe and ethical working conditions are not a given, we at COSH! cannot guarantee that HVISK accessories are made fairly.


HVISK says they are evolving with their materials. In 2019, they decided to go completely vegan and move away from animal leather. Even now, they are trying to make increasingly sustainable choices while maintaining quality.

That's why they mainly use recycled fibers. Including pre-consumer recycled polyamide, post-consumer recycled polyester, pre-consumer recycled polyurethane and recycled nylon. Sometimes a percentage of virgin polyester or virgin polyurethane is added. HVISK is certified by the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), which demonstrates the presence of actual recycled content. For the GRS, a minimum of 20% of the material must be recycled and that percentage must be 50% for it to bear a GRS logo.

What is the difference between pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled material? Pre-consumer recycled means that the material has not yet had a use, for example it is a residual material left over in the factory after production of a previous collection. Post-consumer recycled means that the material has already passed through the hands of a consumer before, this involves, for example, plastic bottles that have been transformed into recycled polyester.

All bags with a vegan leather look consist of a combination of recycled post-consumer polyester, recycled pre-consumer polyurethane, polyurethane, calcium carbonate and protein with a lining of recycled polyester. The calcium carbonate is said to provide bright colors and a glossy, scratch-resistant finish. However, the combination of three different materials makes the bag not easily recyclable. HVISK says it chose this PU leather because it is vegan, would cost fewer resources, is versatile and easy to clean. Moreover, since 2021, PU leather is partially or fully recycled, which increases its sustainability.

Other bags consist of different compositions, sometimes again a combination of different materials, but sometimes mono-materials (made entirely from the same material). Some bags with a more fabric look, are made of 100% polyester, polyamide or (as far as we know uncertified) organic cotton, this adds to the recycling possibilities!


It is nice that HVISK uses many recycled materials in its products, this gives (pre-consumer polyurethane, polyamide or post-consumer polyester) material a second life. Unfortunately, there is very little chance that the bags will be recycled again in the end-of-life phase. Because of the different materials, coatings and linings used in HVISK bags, it is complicated to recycle them. Moreover, the bags are all (except for those made of organic cotton) made of synthetic materials making them non-biodegradable. So the message is, if you buy a HVISK bag: choose one that suits your style and take good care of it so that you can enjoy it as long as possible and it does not end up in landfills or in nature.

Short chain

HVISK's supply chain is not clearly mapped out, but we do know that most of the products are produced in China and India and the materials presumably also come from this region. The products are then shipped to HVISK's headquarters in Denmark and from there they would be distributed to points of sale. HVISK's products travel long distances in this way. About how many intermediaries are involved in the manufacturing process, we at COSH! cannot draw any conclusions.


No animal suffering is required for the production of HVISK's bags. Since 2019, they are PETA certified vegan, which means that all bags are 100% free of animal materials.

Slow fashion & longevity

Vibrant colors, trendy shapes and modern materials is what HVISK is known for. The brand wants to contribute to the personal style of the individual. They respond to Scandinavian style and trends, sometimes with neutral tones that can be combined with any outfit, but also with bright colors that can give your look a cheerful boost.

Whether you love a smooth-finished bag, a bag with (vegan) crocodile relief or a bag with a cool motif on it, you'll find it all at HVISK! The brand strives to offer bags for every occasion, from purses, to crossbody bags and shoppers.

Quality is also something HVISK focuses on. As a result, your bag should stand the test of time. But how long you will actually use it also depends on how trend-sensitive the item you choose is. One model from HVISK is more timeless than another, so make a conscious decision in this and go for the design that suits you best.


In terms of transparency, HVISK still has many steps to take. Although the percentages of materials and whether they are recycled (and whether they are pre- or post-consumer recycled materials) are clear, the source of the materials and production locations are unknown. HVISK does demonstrate motivation to be/become a sustainable company, but provides little concrete information. COSH! would like to know how HVISK ensures ethical working conditions and see proof of GRS and PETA certifications.

In short, does HVISK totally suit your clothing style and are you looking for a vegan bag? Then this brand is a good choice for you. You can find points of sale near you on the map below.

Unfortunately, apart from the vegan and recycled aspect, HVISK is not very sustainable. This is because the working conditions in which the accessories are made cannot be verified as ethical and also the materials are very dependent on fossil sources, despite being largely recycled.

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