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A green step in the right direction

Casual is always fashionable and that is why it is also the most durable clothing style. It doesn't take much to make this style fun and comfortable. But what completes the picture is a pair of cozy sneakers from the French brand Faguo. Since 2009, the brand doesn't only design clothes, but also cool sneakers. And of course, it does that with an eye for Mother Nature.


How's that? First of all, Faguo plants a tree in France for every pair sold. This is how it wants to prevent deforestation. Secondly, it uses recycled polyester to make certain sneakers. The shoes, for example, are made of recycled PET and are therefore labeled: recycled. Those without a label are made from the chrome-free leather that carries the gold certificate of the Leather Working Group. The rubber sole is made from 15% recycled and 85% natural rubber. This is the case with all the shoes. Another category is the City Shoes, which are made of leather that has been tanned in Europe in order to keep their carbon footprint as small as possible. The composition of the sole of this species is unknown.

The packaging is made of recycled and recyclable materials. It is little or no glue and ink used.


Faguo has everything produced in BCSI certified factories. These guarantee quality and follow strict social and ecological rules. The sneakers are made in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It produces regular shoes at a company in Porto, Portugal.

Take a step into life with a Faguo shoe and help fight deforestation! See below where you can shop for these casual sneakers!

Where to buy Faguo Shoes?