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Danish roots

Not such a fan of colour, but more of originality? Then Abelone Wilhelmsen's clothing is really something for you.

Nice to meet you, Abelone Wilhelmsen

The Danish designer may now live in Borgerhout, but Denmark doesn't seem that far away. The sleek Scandinavian elements combined with a Belgian identity make the brand unique. Abelone creates garments that are functional and fit well.

Slow fashion

The materials that Abelone chooses are of high quality and can therefore withstand a lot of stress. Throw in the timeless accents and you can wear a garment from Abelone Wilhelmsen for years. The origin of the fabrics also lies within Western Europe in the Benelux, France and Germany. So there is no question of much transport. Abelone does not participate in the sales and that makes the brand worthy of the slow fashion label.

Ethical fashion

Because her clothes are made in Belgium and the fabrics come from neighbouring countries, we can speak of ethical fashion. The collections also contain denim cushions and totebags. These were made by the prisoners of the Bruges prison. In this way, Abelone also wants to integrate the social aspect, which is of great importance to her, into her brand.


Anyone who says that only colour stands out is wrong. We at COSH! are big fans of Abelone Wilhelmsen.

Where to buy Abelone Wilhelmsen?