One of the best ways to realize the value of clothing is to make, repair or upcycle clothes yourself. By doing so you will find out how much time, knowledge, and effort is put into a garment and you will see it less as a 'disposable' product. On top of that, it is a lot of fun to get started. In this blog, we share our thoughts on the best DIY initiatives in Amsterdam.


Take a sewing class at De Steek

At the cozy sewing cafe De Steek in Amsterdam-West you can follow various workshops and courses. You can learn how to make your own skirt, T-shirt, sweater or lingerie in just a few hours! This includes a kit with materials and ecological fabrics of your choice. Curious about what De Steek has to offer? You can find it here!

If you have already mastered sewing, you can come to the De Steek sewing cafe to spend a few hours behind one of their well-equipped sewing machines working on an independent project. Not quite sure what to do? There is always someone around to ask questions. Prefer to work at home, but don't have a sewing machine? Since the lockdowns, De Steek also rents out sewing machines so you can make a garment at home!

Make a bag from salvaged leather at Monsak

Margriet from Monsak offers weekly workshops on how to make bags from rescued leather. You can choose between different workshops, depending on the kind of bag you want to make it will take half a day or a whole day.

You get to work with your chosen leather type, zipper, yarns and learn how to make your own bag under the professional supervision of Margriet. Monsak only works with saved leather: these are leftover pieces that have been rejected because of damage or colour deviations. The workshops will take place in Monsak's cosy studio in Amsterdam-West. This way you'll have a great day and walk out of the workshop in the evening with a handmade leather bag!

Get to know jeans at Denim City

Are you crazy about jeans and have you always wanted to make your own garment from denim? At denim mecca Denim City in De Hallen in Amsterdam-West, you can follow a 4-day workshop in which you will learn how to make your own denim jacket, jeans, apron, or bag. Under the professional guidance of denim expert Jos van den Hoogen, you will create your own design and learn how to use the special sewing machines designed for denim.

Rather work with an existing denim item? Then follow the 2-day workshop in which you learn to customize a pair of jeans, under the guidance of a denim master tailor. This way you can breathe new life into your 'old' jeans!

Find a local tailor near you

Not much of a creator yourself? Then it's a good idea to find the right addresses to have clothes, shoes, and accessories made in your neighborhood. There are lots of tailors in Amsterdam, and you'll find 30 of them on our online sustainable shopping map. One of them is Tailors of Amsterdam in the Jordaan, where owner Atilla Kiliç and his sons repair or alter your clothes with traditional craftsmanship.

Also in other cities, you can find good tailors who can give your clothes a new life. You will see that you don't have to throw away your clothes immediately when a seam is torn, there is a hole or a stain that you can't get out in the washing machine. Visit a professional tailor and ask him or her for advice. This way you prevent old or damaged clothes from unnecessarily ending up on the huge textile waste mountain!


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