10 January 2023 - COSH!, Niki de Schryver's data-driven platform for a sustainable lifestyle, knows no boundaries. The platform takes Catalan 'Ethical Time' under its wing and continues under the name COSH!, Conscious Shopping Made Easy. The need for ethical fashion is high: the tide must turn, inside and outside national borders. COSH! and Ethical Time: A merge made in heaven!


Ignasi Eiriz's young and passionate platform has the same dream as COSH: "To make fashion more accessible, transparent and sustainable while creating the largest global community to accelerate the shift to sustainable and ethical fashion. When de Schryver and Eiriz met in Barcelona in June, the professional spark struck.

COSH! aims to create a global impact, bringing about change in the fashion, cosmetics and accessories industries. Alone you go fast, together you go further. So, that COSH! had to become an international story had long been a given for Niki de Schryver. After the impact the scale-up in fashion tech was already creating in the Belgian and Dutch markets, it is now also gaining a foothold on Spanish and Catalan soil.

"Both COSH! and Ethical Time want to change consumer and retailer behaviour. Whereas COSH! focused on local (multi)brand stores and the supply chains of their brands, Ethical Time previously went mainly in depth on the brands themselves, catering to the Spanish market. On 15 October, the takeover was complete and from 6 January, the merger can be discovered on cosh.eco. Since then, Ethical Time has belonged to the COSH! house."

- Niki de Schryver, founder of COSH!


Ignasi Eiriz founded Ethical Time in Barcelona in 2017. Literally "time to be responsible" because that is what the platform also stands for. Ethical Time verifies whether supposedly sustainable clothing brands are indeed sustainable, on an ecological and ethical level. All screened and successful brands received the "Real Sustainable Fashion label" and were centralised on one online platform to reach consumers easily. After five years, Eiriz is aiming higher and it is time to move on. Ethical Time's ideas and matching approach will merge under the COSH! platform.

"Ethical Time was born to make a change on an international level. And that is exactly what it will do, hand in hand with COSH!"

- Ignasi Eiriz , founder of Ethical Time


The fact that COSH! now operates the website in Spanish is an absolute no-brainer. "We want to be as accessible as possible," says de Schryver. "the average Joe should be able to find their way to sustainable fashion in their native language on our platform." This is also great news for local Belgian and Dutch sustainable shops in several cities. They are surfing the new wave of sustainable shopping tourism, now that Spanish tourists visiting cities like Antwerp, Bruges or Amsterdam can easily find their way to local ethical shops. And there is more: the local shops will also gain insight into Spanish-screened brands. Are products from Belgian or Dutch brands not available? Then a Spanish sustainable alternative could offer a solution.

Discover sustainable fashion with COSH! in Spain here