If women get their teeth into something, they won't let go. This was once again proven during Markant's panel discussion on Entrepreneurship in Digital Times. Four top women each present their company and discuss how the digital world supports their entrepreneurship. Our COSH! founder Niki de Schryver was also given the opportunity to tell her story alongside the three other enterprising strong women.

Together with two creative bureaus and one law firm, the women's organisation Markant invited Niki de Schryver for their panel discussion. All four companies use digital tools to gain their place on the market. Besides the fact that COSH! is an online tool and platform, it also focuses on SEO, is present on five social media channels and uses a variety of software tools and marketing automation. COSH! was the ideal candidate.

The other three participants also know a lot about social media and software. "This is not an agency is a typical example of 'a carpenter's cabinets always hang crooked' type of marketing (non-)agency," the founder Dorian laughs . Creativ marketing first picks out the customer journals of their customers and then links them to the appropriate strategy and social media channels for the assignment in question. The law firm Tweedraadsadvocaten uses social media to promote their services. If these three are not up to date, who is? Markant had addressed the right people for the conversation, which resulted in a sparkling and warm evening.

Niki gave a tip to the starting entrepreneurial women to think about personal growth and to accept the way towards it. "Letting go of fears is very important, because fear hampers the energetic flow of giving and receiving. As a tip, I was once told 'if you have resources, spend them on professional experts who do the same work but faster'. This way you can focus on the main issues and growth and that is exactly what we do now at COSH! We quickly invested in a good ERP, cash register, invoicing or sales tool, and now that our team is growing rapidly, I'm glad that the flow was already completely on track. If we didn't, we would have lost the overview completely. By the way, it's what I first did at every company where I started in the past. We had to fine-tune the information flows and structures, and only then the marketing. That way, you can follow up on the extra sales resulting from the marketing more easily."

Niki looks back on the evening with a smile on her face: "For me it was a successful panel discussion. Such interesting and strong women, and I'm not only talking about the participating entrepreneurs, but also about the listeners. I was welcomed with open arms and I can honestly recommend everyone to join this great organization! What a night!"

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