Good Clothes Fair Pay is just the right start

Newbie in the sustainable fashion world? Then the Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign could kick off your journey right. At COSH! we are well aware of what it feels like to want to make a change. Nonetheless, we know as well the struggle of facing a reality where taking even small steps for good can be challenging. That’s why we joined forces with the latest Fashion Revolution campaign.

From Rana Plaza to the leading fashion activism movement

Founded in 2013, the organisation has grown into the world's largest fashion activism movement. Therefore, if you're looking for ways to contribute to the change you crave, Fashion Revolution will help you. The worldwide network of fashion activists allows you to partake on multiple levels: it doesn’t matter who you are. If you envision a fashion industry with the environment and people at its core, they got you covered.

Whether you look to be an active part of their movement or support their work, you have plenty of choices. As they say, “we aim to let people recognise they have the power to make a difference” - and trust us, signing the Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign will surely fire you up.

“Good clothes, fair pay” the definitive slogan

Good Clothes Fair Pay as the organisation’s fashion week motto? Rightfully so. In the aftermath of the Rana Plaza disaster, Fashion Revolution has brought together a global network for the past decade to host an immersive and impactful week to drive change.

At their Fashion Revolution Week, people from the industry and civil society gather to outline the needs and shortcomings of the apparel industry and write a manifesto for a brighter future for the industry. The annual reminder of what happened and shouldn’t happen again and what fashion should look like.

And what could possibly be better than the Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign emphasizing its greatest drawback to forecast that change?

Starting the change is one signature away

Since COSH! wants you to make an impact by giving the right tools, we highlighted for you the greatest way you could participate in this uprising: at Fashion Revolution, they run campaigns to raise awareness on the most significant issues the industry faces - we are pretty sure you are familiar with the #whomademyfabric? one - and now the spotlight is on the Good Clothes Fair Pay campaign.

Thus, if you are a European citizen, relentlessly pro-legislation requiring companies to comply with living wages in their supply chain, it’s time to sign up. Let’s help the poll reach the target of one million signatures for Good Clothes Fair Pay.

Be the best revolutionary version of yourself with Fashion Revolution and COSH!