Top 11 books on the clothing industry

It can be quite a challenge to put together a sustainable wardrobe. It is therefore important to remind yourself why it is important to be aware of this. The only question is: How can you continue to motivate and inspire yourself during this challenging search? To help you with this, we have put together 11 books that will make your journey a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Marieke Eyskoot

1. This is a good guide

If you are looking for a guide that can show you the way to a sustainable lifestyle, then you should read the book by sustainable lifestyle expert Marieke Eyskoot. This is a good guide is a book that shows that living a sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be a challenge at all. You can get your inspiration from the dozens of conversations between Marieke and all kinds of different pioneers in the field of clothing, accessories, care, food, living, working and leisure. She talks to the director of the controversial documentary The True Cost Andrew Morgan and Elin Larsson, the founder of the clothing brand Filippa K.

Agnes Esenbrink

2. Fast Fashion

Always wanted to be in the shoes of a designer and stylist of a large fashion house? Then you should definitely read the book of Agnes Esenkbrink. A novel with a clear message for today's woman. The woman who tries to keep all the balls high for the capitalist system at the expense of herself and the people around her. The book reads wonderfully and is also very informative.

Annouk Post

3. Journey to a sustainable world

Annouk Post takes you on a journey of awareness and introduces you to forerunners who are going to shape the new world. Her examples in the field of fashion, design, art, nutrition and science. Annouk gives a very positive view on the future. A green, self-sufficient school in Bali, lucky portraits of the inhabitants of Bhutan... All examples of the sustainable route, of positive change.

Safia Minney

4. Slow Fashion

Safia Minney is a true pioneer in the field of sustainable fashion. After founding her sustainable clothing brand People Tree, she decided to write a book: Slow Fashion In this book, she talks to other big names in the sustainable fashion world who offer alternatives for the common, polluting fashion industry. In her book, she introduces designers, labels, concept stores and innovative, more environmentally friendly fabrics. Her goal is to turn the fashion industry into a fairer industry and with this book she shows that this can be done.

Safia Minney

5. Slave to fashion

This book delves into the world of the people who work in the clothing industry. It is an impressive and personal story that touches the heart. It creates awareness on one hand, but on the other hand also offers solutions by different experts. The book proves that fashion can be used to give workers a good future by making beautiful, competitive and accessible fashion.

Hasmik Matevosyan

6. Paradigm shift in fashion

Can you imagine a world where your needs form the basis of clothing collections rather than the needs of the companies that determine what you wear today? The author Hasmik of the book Paradigm shift in fashion certainly does. She developed a whole new design system for fashion. A system in which the price tag of your clothes is not determined by the quality, but rather by the amount of time you start wearing them.

Karen Kammeraat

7. Just Good

If you are looking for products that contribute to the balance between world, people, environment and economy, then it is a very good idea to start your search with the book 'Just Good'. This guide will help you to recognise products that contribute to a better world. Writer Karin Kammeraat has been working on this quest for 25 years and has found a sustainable variant for each product. That was quite a challenge because those products have to be fun, tasty and affordable and buying them has to fit into our busy lives. All these beautiful, but sometimes untraceable products, you can find in this book! Doesn't that sound good?

Ellen en Nikolas

8. The Sustainable Family

Do you want to live more sustainably but don't know where to start? Then this book is the one for you! Scientific grounding, with a holistic vision and clearly written...You'll get answers to all kinds of practical questions.

(Currently only available in Flemish)

Annelies Metink

9. More luxury with less

In this book, Annelies Metink explains how to create peace of mind. She wants to help you on your path to minimalism through her 5 phases which range from tidying up to unpacking and buying differently. The essence of your new life is waiting for you in this book.

With a chapter on fashion written in collaboration with COSH!

(Currently only available in Flemish)

Anne Drake

10. Ecology on high heels

Unfortunately, the amount of waste continues to increase every minute. We still create too much unnecessary waste and many people do not know how to solve this problem. But with Anne Drake's book, you can do your bit to reduce it! In Ecology on high heels, Drake shares her tips for a Zero Waste life. It also contains fun DIYs that you can apply to your daily life. This book makes ecological life easy! Together we strive for no waste!

(Currently only available in Flemish)

11. Eco Lifestyle

This is Anne Drake's second book and it is a more detailed sequel on her first one. In Eco Lifestyle you will find all kinds of fun, eco and healthy recipes. You'll also get tips on tools to help you switch to a more sustainable lifestyle. For example, she mentions COSH! in her list of online platforms that help you shop in an environmentally conscious way. And that's something we feel very honored about! Want to add Eco Lifestyle to your book collection? Then we have good news, because Supergoods sells this beautiful book in their shops in Mechelen and Antwerp.

(Currently only available in Flemish)

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