16 June 2023

Discover the best circular, local and social hotspots of Rotterdam.

Eversom Rotterdam sustainable and circular bags from fire hoses COSH
Made Out Of locally made in Rotterdam COSH
Eversom Rotterdam sustainable bags from fire hoses COSH
Oxious Rotterdam sustainable hamam towels COSH
A Brandsma Rotterdam local sustainable clothing brand from Rotterdam COSH
HEDONE streetwear flagship store cosh
Zoe Detrez Rotterdam sustainble hand bags local designer brand COSH
Olga Korstanje Rotterdam atelier interior sustainble and locally made leather handbags COSH
Xzota jewelry HEADER store cosh
Freitag bags men giftidea christmas
Secrid Rotterdam brand store repair sustainable wallet makers COSH
Very Cherry Rotterdam brand store interior vintage inspired fashion COSH
Wereldwinkel Rotterdam fairtrade gift shop De Groene Passage COSH
20230202 Groene Passage Binnen In Shopping Rotterdam Rosa Van Ederen COSH 0353
No Waste Heroes Rotterdam sustainable and circulair lifestyle products COSH

Verena Asser

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