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Are you looking for natural and eco-friendly cleaning products? Get rid of chemicals and disposable plastic thanks to YOKUU. This Belgian brand created a natural cleaning pearl based on healthy bacteria.

In YOKUU's range, you will find an all-purpose cleaner but also a cleaning product for your bathroom, glass & mirrors, and floors. The pearls come together with a reusable spray bottle. Dissolve the pearls with water from your own tap and avoid unnecessary water transport. Thanks to the reusable bottle you also have no plastic waste.

Cleaning with healthy bacteria

The unique thing about YOKUU products is that they are made from healthy bacteria that effortlessly clean surfaces and restore the natural balance in the home. Yes, you read that right: cleaning with bacteria, it's possible! These good bacteria purify all the dirt off of surfaces, odors, and dust. First, they clean the surface, they then purify further on their own natural processes.

The healthy bacteria come from the Ardennes forest and are therefore completely Belgian and organic. Through a natural process, they are grown, dried, and pressed into a cleaning pearl. Unlike most cleaning products, YOKUU does not use chemical ingredients extracted from petroleum.

The YOKUU pearls consist of a mix of 5 ingredients, not an endless list of chemical products but a unique mix of purifying bacteria. This makes the products good for the planet but also for your health.

Animal Welfare

YOKUU products contain no animal ingredients and carry the vegan label. This ensures you that no animals suffer to make these products.

Think circularly: avoid plastic waste

You can reuse the YOKUU spray bottle for years to come. After long-term use, you can also recycle them completely. In 2021, YOKUU saved 11,251 plastic bottles! In short, do you want to clean while generating low waste? Then YOKUU is a great solution!

Short supply chain

All ingredients for the pearl are sourced from Europe and pressed in a factory in the Netherlands. The bottom bottle of the spray is also made in the Netherlands. Only the reusable spray head itself is made in China, otherwise, the product is entirely produced within Europe.


YOKUU communicates clearly and transparently about the ingredients they use and where they produce their products. Want to discover the wonderful world of cleaning beads to clean your house in a sustainable and ecological way? Check out the points of sale of YOKUU below:

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