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Are you looking for qualitative and stylish rainwear to cycle to work? Then the Belgian brand Warenhuys has the solution for you! In the collection you will find timeless cycling pants and rain capes that protect you from wind and rain during your bike ride. All pieces are designed in Antwerp by founder Maren Huysmans herself and are handmade in Poland.


Founder Maren attaches great importance to ethical production, which takes place as close to home as possible. She went looking for a good factory that could meet her needs and found it in Poland. Maren has close contact with the factory and was already able to visit it herself, so she can guarantee good working conditions!


The waterproof rainwear for cyclists from Warenhuys consists of knitted polyester with a PU coating. The water porosity of the fabric is 10,000 mm and is therefore highly water resistant. In addition, the garments are high-frequency welded, which makes the seams extra sturdy and prevents water from seeping in. The fabric feels light and soft, is breathable and dries quickly. In short, everything you’d expect from a good rainwear!

Slow Fashion

Unlike other rainwear, you can wear the Warenhuys garments even when you are not on your bike. The rain pants and cape have a stylish design and are comfortable, making them ideal for rainy walks through the city or in nature.

Warenhuys' garments are suitable for all seasons thanks to their smart and multifunctional design. You can wear the cape as a long overcoat, tied around your waist, or as a cycling cape. There are straps on the inside of the cape to wear it over your handlebars while cycling. The capes are also completely open, so a thick sweater or winter jacket can easily fit underneath.

The rain pants are equipped with a waterproof zipper at the bottom and buttons at the top. This makes them easy to put on and take off and allows for constant ventilation.

The cycling clothing from Warenhuys is unisex and therefore suitable for women, men and children. Maren did extensive research to find a suitable model that is accessible and comfortable for many body types. This allows her to make a wide audience happy with her rain ponchos and pants!

Would you like to try on the rainproof clothing before you buy? Then you can head to Warenhuys Studio in Antwerp, located in the Circuit building.

Circular Economy

The polyester fabric with PU layer is not biodegradable and unfortunately not easily recyclable at the end of its life. However, PU is a more environmentally friendly alternative than PVC, a material that used to be widely used. In addition, the use of polyester is almost unavoidable when making a water-resistant garment.

However, the garments are made of high quality material and with great care, so they can last a long time. So our tip is to cherish your rainwear for as long as possible!

Short Supply Chain

Both the fabric and the garments themselves are produced in Poland. This way the production chain is kept as short and local as possible. Maren deliberately chose a European production to avoid long transports from Asia and to keep the footprint as small as possible.


COSH! sat down with founder Maren and was very captivated by her story. Maren has been working passionately on her brand for 5 years and has a clear, sustainable vision. She also has ambitions, when new innovations are introduced to the market, to further increase the sustainability of her brand. A mindset we can only admire!

Do you cycle to work every day on your electric bike, racing bike or city bike? Get rid of uncomfortable cycling rain suits and invest in the timeless, durable rainwear from Warenhuys! This way you will not not only arrive at your destination dry, but stylish too! Convinced, yet? Then take a look at the points of sale below and support a local entrepreneur!

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